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Why people love it
  • Only slightly larger than a normal pen
  • Heats up in 30 seconds or so
  • Minimal maintenance required

For vaping dry herb, you'll love this sleek, stylish vape pen. The best Atmos has produced to-date! Reaches 385 F in 40 seconds, holds up to 0.4 grams of herb/loose leaf, and 1600 mAh battery with a long life. Additionally, fits in your shirt pocket or briefcase pen holder, lightweight, vapes dry herb beautifully, long battery life, solid flavor and smooth draw.

Will shut off after just a minute or two of inactivity.


Performance: Let's start with the bad: the quick shut-off time. Most vape pens shut off after 3-10 minutes in order to conserve battery life. The Atmos shuts off after 60-120 seconds. Unless you're a casual vaper who just wants an occasional hit, this can be annoying. Thankfully, it has VERY quick heat-up time (30-40 seconds tops), so you can get vaping again quickly.

The heating element reaches 400 F, burning your dry herb very effectively. You get a solid throat-hit and a rich, thick vapor with every pull, though the stainless steel chamber doesn't deliver as well-rounded a flavor as a ceramic one. However, you can fit a surprising amount of dry herb into the compact pen, giving you a steady supply of vapor all day long.

Features: There are no temperature controls built into the vape, but this makes it ideal for those who like their smoke strong and thick. It's a simple "click and puff" design that is user-friendly and incredibly simple to operate. You simply assemble the components and get started!

There is almost no maintenance required with this vape pen--just the occasional cleaning of the built-in mesh filter. Thanks to its long-lasting battery (which is replaceable), you get a well-functioning vape pen that delivers consistency and quality.

Price: The price tag on this vape pen starts at $125, though you can find it for as little as $100. Not the cheapest vape pen, but a good option for those who want a durable, long-lasting vaporizer for their dry herb.


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