Athleta Double Dare Bra

Best Sports Bra for A to C Cups

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Why people love it
  • Great sports bra for A to C cups
  • Provides low to medium impact performance
  • Awesomely vibrant colors to choose from

This vibrantly colored sports bra is more than just something cute to wear under your workout clothes. Nope, it also works well for the woman who wants a comfortable, wireless bra that’s comfortable and supportive for low to medium impact workouts. 

Some A-cup wearers say this bra feels too restrictive for them. 


Size: Best for A to C cups if you don’t mind the extra compression.

Performance: This is best for low to medium impact workouts.

Comfort: Athleta tends to make workout clothes that not only hold up well during performance, but that feel great too. Since this one has back cutouts and mesh lining, it also gives wearers a more breathable and cooling experience while exercising.

Support: There are some women who say that there’s too much compression with this bra, but that can probably be adjusted if you remove the padding in the cups.

Price: This is a surprisingly affordable sports bra, considering it comes from Athleta, a premium athletic clothing brand.

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