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Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask
  • Multi-use product for acne management, skin restoration, purification mask, spot treatment, and more
  • Made with tea tree oil and other detoxifying and healing products
  • Keeps skin from getting oily
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The Astara purification mask landed on Total Beauty’s list of Best Acne Fighters and it currently holds a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. The biggest draw of this product? It will manage whatever type of acne you have.

Some consumers have complained about the price of this acne product (which is a bit pricey for two ounces). And others report that they’ve seen no change after using the product.


Effectiveness: While a face mask isn’t the typical product you’d expect to see at the top of an acne medication list, this is indeed one of the more multi-faceted products on the market. Whatever your skin needs, chances are good that it’s going to help you manage it: it’s excellent at oil control, deep pore cleaning, cystic and hormonal acne treatment, spot treatment, overall skin health, and more.

Sensitivity: Out of all the reviews this product has online, there is only one person who has reported a negative reaction to it. He or she claims that the mask irritated her oily skin, so this is something to be aware of in case you’ve experienced problems with oily skin in the past. Otherwise, the overwhelming majority have loved this mask for its skin calming and balancing qualities.

Price: $27 is pretty expensive in terms of acne treatments, but most consumers deem the results of this product to be worth every penny.


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