Now, is this badass or is this badass? If you're even half a fan, you know you need to have this costume (for Halloween - or for the hell of it).

  • Button-front shirt, hooded zipper vest, pants, cummerbund and belt, faux suede cape with cross over chest strap, glove and arm cuff
  • Officially licensed costume

Thank heavens there's a costume that doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a leotard or a loin cloth and still looks as bad as bad can be. Really, this is truly an impressive get-up and you want it. You know you do.

What Reviewers Say:

If you're going to pay more than $30 for a costume, you want to know it's worth it. This is what reviewers have to say:

  • This costume was awesome and made me feel badass all night.
  • the base of the costume is fantastic. It comes with a ruffled, white shirt of decent quality, and the jacket is separate and of great quality for a costume. Easily the best quality of a Halloween product I've purchased. The cape is a third piece, and really adds that extra touch. The belt is of that latex/rubber feel, like any mask,which is the cheapest feeling parts of the costume, but they've held up over repeated use. There is also a thin, elastic band pair of brown pants, that i wore over regular jeans, to give it a more substantial feel.
  • I absolutely loved this. I was looking for a costume that satisfies my geeky side and was happy to have found this. I agree that the glove is of low quality and won't survive rough handling, but if your gentle, you will be fine. The fabric feels of good quality and really made me feel like I'm Ezzio. Great Job, Leg Avenue. I was so happy that I even did a photoshoot!

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