Ask Me About My T-Rex T-Shirt

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy that Has a Sense of Humor

Why people love it
  • Supplies a good laugh
  • Good quality
  • Makes an awesomely fun gift

This is nothing but t-shirt fun in men’s sizes small through 5XL.

What could be wrong with this? As long as you follow the washing instructions, you'll have nothing to complain about.


Details: If the teenage guy in your life is a comedian, this is exactly what he wants this holiday. Okay, it’s probably not the only thing he wants, but it’s wonderfully fun and the price isn’t prohibitive. It’s made with pre-shrunk fabric which accounts for the high number of users that report it fitting as expected. Still, you should check sizes when ordering any one of the four colors available.

Whatever you get your humor-loving teen, be sure to pack it in this prank pack. The product picture on the box will horrify any teen pushing the independence boundaries. Promise!

Price: At just under $20, this gift is sure to fit within any budget.

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