ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe

Best Trail Running Shoes Overall

Why people love it
  • A comfortable, durable, supportive pair of shoes for any trail
  • Excellent cushioning all along the forefoot, midfoot, and heel
  • Stable and supportive; great for guys with high arches

Excellent traction, decent durability, comfortable, supportive, wonderful heel cushioning, good arch support, stable on most trails/roads, well-priced, stylish, excellent midfoot cushioning, and encourages more natural stride.

A bit narrow and reduced stability on very rocky terrain.


Performance: If you want a high-performance pair of trail running shoes at a great price, you won't find much better than these ASICS Gel shoes. Starting at $40, they're a fairly lightweight option that won't drag on you as you run long distances. However, thanks to their design, they offer durability and comfort as well.

Made with a synthetic upper and durable rubber outsoles, these shoes provide excellent traction on dusty, muddy, and gravel-covered surfaces. You'll find the platform is a bit narrow for very rocky terrain, but for the average trail, track, or treadmill, they're an excellent choice. They can be used indoors, outdoors, on the road, and up any mountain. Thanks to the thick cushions in the midfoot and heel, you'll be comfortable for hours of running.

Features: The GEL cushions built into these shoes are to die for! They reduce impact on your joints (ankles and knees), prevent heel fatigue, and encourage better pronation. With the durable rubber outsole, they're a long-lasting pair of shoes that offer amazing comfort. The reversed traction lugs built into the sole will keep you steady on the trail.

The synthetic and mesh upper is lightweight and breathable, keeping your feet cool as you run. They're not a bulky pair of trail runners, but the slim profile and simple design make them a good choice for beginner runners. And thanks to their cushioning, even heavier runners will be able to go the distance in these bad boys.

Price: Starting at $40, these are one of the best-priced trail running shoes around. They offer good durability, a steady platform, great stability and cushioning, and supreme comfort. Definitely what everyone looks for in a good pair of trail shoes!

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