ASICS GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe

Best Cross Training Shoes for Comfort

Why people love it

• Incredibly comfortable; great heel cushioning ideal for resistance training

• External heel cage offers excellent stability for Squats and Lunges

• Slim, minimalist design ideal for Cross-Training


Good heel to toe ratio, lightweight, breathable, GEL cushioning in heel, great weightlifting shoes, good padding, excellent balance, flexible, and dynamic.

Lacking midsole and forefoot cushioning.


Performance: If you want a pair of shoes to keep up with your workouts, you'll love these beauties. The GEL cushioning built into the heel will reduce impact on your knees, and the toe drop (thick heel, thin forefoot) is great for more natural movement when lifting weights.

The shoes are beautifully comfortable, with good padding and a durable insole that will keep your feet cozy and snug as you train. They're balanced and flexible, compatible with most types of training—everything from dance training to kickboxing to weightlifting. They're not running or HIIT shoes, but you'll love them on Leg Day.

Features: The external heel cage adds extra stability to your ankles when performing Squats, Lunges, and rapid lateral movements. The sole is thick enough to offer cushioning for your feet but not so thick you lose stability. The dynamic, sleek design makes them ideal for anyone who wants to mix things up in the gym.

The upper is made of an ultra-lightweight synthetic mesh, and it's beautifully breathable. The low profile design makes it ideal for training on the cardio machines and with free weights. All in all, a great pair of cross training shoes.

Price: Starting at $45, these shoes are great value for the price. They're not useful outside the gym/CrossFit box, but they'll keep up with all your indoor workouts easily.


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