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ASICS GEL-190 TR Training Shoe

• A solid, long-lasting pair of shoes

• Great cushioning and stability; reduce impact on your joints

• Smooth movement, versatile, and comfortable

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Built to last, good versatility, stable, supportive, GEL cushioning reduces impact, SpEVA midsole increases rebound, encourages smooth stride, comfortable, and designed for CrossFitters and HIITers.

The lacing system is a bit iffy and not the best of the ASICS shoes.


Performance: If you're looking for a pair of cross trainers built to last, you'll love the GEL-190 TRs. They're the most durable cross trainers around, with quality construction and a solid non-marking rubber outsole that can handle indoor and outdoor use with ease. They come with thick padding, solid support, and a heavy-duty design that will make them ideal for newbies and experts alike.

The shoes are a bit heavier than you might like, and they're not as comfortable as ASICS' running shoes. However, they're an excellent pair for CrossFit and HIIT training alike. Thanks to their impact-reducing design, you can push yourself harder without worrying about your joints.

Features: For hardcore CrossFitters, these shoes can be a godsend. They're excellent for jump training, with cushioning that will reduce impact on your joints. The SpEVA midsole will "bounce back" when you jump or run, giving you a better spring in your step. Thanks to the dual-density midsole system, you have great arch support without losing stability or flexibility.

The shoes come with extra padding around the tongue and collar, yet has decent breathability thanks to the vent holes in the synthetic leather upper. However, the lacing system is poorly designed, so you may have a hard time pulling the shoes tight enough to stop them from sliding around.

Price: Starting at $40 and rising to $95, these are on the slightly pricier side. However, you'll love how durable and supportive they are. They're designed to put up with 40+ hours a week of hardcore training and regular use.


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