17 Best Bluetooth Speakers

Remember the days when you had to heave a boom box the size of a small cooler onto your shoulder to be the cool guy at the beach? No? If not, you don't know how good you have it, buddy.

Back in the day, when your dad was blazing smokes, swilling beers, and hitting on girls at the beach, technology was super-sized. These days, all you need to pull together a happening outdoor party is one of these high-performance portable speakers.

“BAM,” instant entertain for a 4th of July party! 

All the speakers on this list are Bluetooth, so no fumbling with those old burned cds you've got lying around. Just bring along your phone or iPod, and you're all set for entertainment, no matter what your cause for celebration.

Still not sure where to start? Well...

You're in luck!

We at Faveable have done the research to find the best Bluetooth speakers for you--reading through thousands of reviews, examining hundreds of products, and meticulously comparing specs, pros, and cons. Our goal was to find the best portable Bluetooth speakers for you to take anywhere, and we believe our list contains only the best.

Here are the measuring sticks we used to evaluate each product:

  • Performance: We examined each product for volume, battery life, sound balance, clarity and quality of sound, and reliability to ensure you get only the top-quality speakers for your use. 
  • Features: We looked at the features each speaker had, such as voice control, voice prompts for Bluetooth setup, built-in speakerphone for answering and making calls, audio streaming options, and more. We wanted to find the most versatile, well-rounded stereo wireless Bluetooth speakers for you!
  • Price: Why spend a fortune on a pair of speakers? Unless you're a studio musician, you can find quality without paying too high of a price. We looked at not only the price tag, but the durability and lifespan of each speaker to bring you only smart speaker investments.

Heading up our list is the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, a compact speaker that delivers surprisingly good sound with deep bass, plenty of features, and an above-average battery life. It may be a bit pricey, but it's worth it if you want quality sound for your music! But if you want other options, we've got plenty of choices for you. Just keep reading to see what our list has to offer.

Braven BRV-1 Portable Ultra Rugged Wireless Speaker
fave 1 Fave
  • 325 bought

4.30 stars

The Braven BRV-1 is a very rugged wireless speaker that's built to be carried around with you anywhere you go. And when we say anywhere, we mean it. It's protected from rain or water splashing at the pool. The speaker even has a mic in it that will allow you to take a call while you're out at the beach. In addition to that, it's water ressistant and can be immersed 1m for up to 30 minutes. Enjoy 3 Watts of audio output per channel and wireless audio for up to 12 hours

What Reviewers have to say:

  • The best speaker I've ever owned. Sound is great, interface is great and easy to use, plus remembers all your bluetooth devices
  • I use this speaker on my ATV for some background music/speaker phone for mobile phone and it works great.
  • I also use it on travel as a speaker phone and it works wonderful! Everybody should have one!
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Oontz XL Bluetooth Speaker
fave 2 Faves
  • 131 bought
$199.99 | Save: $100.11 (50%)

The Oontz XL Bluetooth Speaker has a powerbank that can charge your cell phone thanks to it's USB connection, plus you can get about 10 hours of play time. As an added bonus, the speaker itself weighs a little under 2 lbs so you can carry it pretty much effortlessly. 

Sony SRSX7 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker System
fave 2 Faves
  • 142 bought

4.20 stars

The Sony SRSX7 bluetooth speakers have a powerful 32 Watts of power. Stream audio through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi through DLNA or AirPlay, with up to 6 hours of battery life. Sony uses their DSEE-HX technology to upscale audio signals like MP3,ACC, ATRAC to hi-res levels. 

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III
fave 5 Faves
  • 335 bought

4.70 stars

The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker III can connect to your tablet or smartphone to give you great sound. Whether you're on the beach for the afternoon or you're traveling in Europe, this is the sound accessory for you. The speakers feature silicone buttons to keep dirt away. The rechargeable battery can last up to 14 hours. This is perfect for those long days when you're out at the pool for a few hours.

JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED lights and NFC Pairing
fave 4 Faves
  • 334 bought

4.60 stars

The JBL Pulse has two high performance drivers and a bass port to give you great sound. Additionally, this wireless speaker features a rechargeable battery and RMS Output Power. More than that, you get an LED show with light pulsing to the beat. The li-ion battery gives you 10 hours of party time. 

IK Multimedia iLoud 40W Portable Personal Speaker
fave 2 Faves
  • 147 bought
$299.99 | Save: $106.47 (35%)

4.20 stars

The IK Multimedia iLoud speaker is not your ordinary portable speaker. It's rated at 40W RMS and provides great sound at any volume. If you're a musician then this portable speaker is for you as it has an iRig 1.4ae instrument input so you can plug in your guitar, bass, keyboard or mic and jam. 

Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
fave 0 Faves
  • 178 bought
$299.99 | Save: $115.02 (38%)

4.50 stars

Need some wireless music with you on the go? Jawbone has you colorfully, covered with the MINI Jambox - a portable and wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker with aluminum body, 10-hour battery life and play/pause/volume up/volume down/pairing buttons. Its built-in speakerphone lets you take calls on the go too.

SOL REPUBLIC 1500-10 DECK Wireless Speaker
fave 2 Faves
  • 137 bought
$199.99 | Save: $40.84 (20%)

4.40 stars

The SOL REPUBLIC 1500-10 DECK speaker has NFC and bluetooth pairing. You can use it as a speaker for hands free calling. You can charge it with a mini USB cable similar to what you may already have for your cell phone. Plus, in some tests people are reporting up to 20+ hours of play time. 

Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

DKnight Magicbox II Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
fave 0 Faves
  • 28 bought
$99.99 | Save: $72.00 (72%)

Why People Love It

  • Cheap, yet good sound quality
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable design

Affordable, very compact and lightweight, excellent battery life, good balance of sound, high volume, great connectivity range, and ideal for use as a home sound system.


Doesn't handle bass-heavy music well.

Performance: If you want an inexpensive speaker for use at home, this is the best of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers on the market. The sound quality is good, and you'll find that it can handle almost any style of music without distorting. The only exception is EDM and other bass-heavy songs. If you turn the volume up to full, the lows are a bit garbled. But for the mids and highs, you get crystal clear sound no matter how high the volume.

The 10-battery life and a 40-foot connectivity range keep it in the running for a high quality speaker. It's small, lightweight, and portable, yet it feels solid. The Bluetooth connection is easy to set up and reliable. All in all, a good option considering the price tag.

Features: The speaker comes with a Bass Pad, a special pad that is designed to prevent the little speaker from bouncing around when the bass is turned up to full--a problem common with all Bluetooth speakers. The pad holds the speaker in place securely on your desk or tabletop.

The built-in buttons make it easy to control playback and audio, making it easy to skip, rewind, play, pause, or even answer a phone call. User-friendly for sure!

Price: At $33, this is one of the cheapest speakers on our list. For the average person, it's $30 well-spent on a speaker that delivers every time.

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Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
fave 1 Fave
  • 95 bought
$139.00 | Save: $99.05 (71%)

Why People Love It

  • Fully waterproof--can be used in the shower, swimming pool, or rain
  • Durable and rugged design; ideal for outdoor use
  • Good playback quality and battery life

100% resistant to water and dust, quality sound, impact-resistant, good battery life, easy to pair with Bluetooth devices, compact and portable.


Design of jacks and charger ports break too quickly.

Valid 11/26 only. Amazon.com is offering shockproof and waterproof Photive HYDRA Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for just $39.95 with FREE shipping. That's 71% off list price and $20 cheaper than regular pricing. This is one of the best deals we've seen all year on a rugged Bluetooth speaker featuring passive subwoofer and two 40mm drivers.

Photive HYDRA Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is rated IP66 for 100% protection against water and dust. It sports rubberized rugged exteriors for ultimate impact resistance. It can also double up as a shower speaker. Other features include Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, re-chargeable 2600mAh Li-ion battery offering up to 8 hours of battery life, 3.5W x 2 speakers, and measurements of 6 x 2 x 3 inches.

Performance: This is the perfect "adventure-proof" speaker for you! It's 100% waterproof and dust-proof, impact-resistant, and designed to be used in just about any weather/climate conditions. If you want a speaker that can keep up with your active lifestyle, this is the one you want.

The sound quality is excellent, with a clarity that will be ideal for listening to all music and audiobooks, even watching movies! It can get loud enough to fill any room with music, and you'll get solid bass--perfect for parties. Though heavy bass makes the speaker vibrate and move around, it's built to survive a fall from your tables and counters.

You get around 8 hours of playback time from the speaker, and it charges fairly quickly (USB/wall/car charger). All in all, a good-looking, high-quality, rugged speaker!

Features: Not a lot of features built into this speaker, but who cares? You have a basic on/off switch, play/pause controls, volume controls, and skip/rewind. It's everything you need to control your music!

Price: At $40, this is a pretty well-priced speaker. It's able to handle anything, delivers good sound, and is compatible with all Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth-enabled devices. A worthy purchase indeed.

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Best Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
fave 3 Faves
  • 241 bought
$199.99 | Save: $20.00 (10%)

Why People Love It

  • Omni-directional audio makes it sound like you've got a surround sound system
  • Water-resistant, durable design
  • Can be inter-connected for true surround sound

360-degree omni-directional sound, durable and damage-resistant, above-average battery life, can be connected to other UE Boom speakers, excellent range, and great sound quality.


Sound turns shrill on full volume.

The Ultimate Ears Boom speaker projects sound in every direction with it's 360 degree speaker allowing you to fill a room with sound. The UE Boom is water resistant, so you could carry this with you anywhere you go and not have to worry about getting it wet. If you buy a second speaker you could have them connect and play in stereo sound. You can get up to 15 hours of playback thanks to the rechargeable battery. Accompanied with the UE Booms app on your smart device you can even set an alarm so you can wake up to your favorite music.

Performance: You'd be amazed by how loud Bluetooth speakers can get, and this is no exception! Crank the volume up to full blast, and though the sound may have heavier highs and less bass, you get very loud, distortion-free sound. Turn it back down to a moderate range, and the bass punches through audibly. If you want a great balance, keep the speaker volume down.

It's the omni-directional audio that makes this speaker rock! The sound is blasted 360-degrees, reverberating all around you, making it sound like a true surround sound system. Want to turn it into actual surround sound? UE Boom speakers can be paired up to have multiple speakers in the same room.

The speaker is water- and dust-proof, surprisingly durable, and can handle a lot of outdoor use. But it's at its best when indoors, as that's when you get the truly immersive surround sound experience, even if you only have one speaker.

Features: The speaker is designed to pair easily with your Bluetooth devices, and it has a 50-foot range and 15-hour battery life--well above industry average. You can easily switch songs, take a call, or adjust the audio from your phone. All in all, it's user-friendly!

Price: At just under $100, this is a slightly pricey speaker, but so worth it if you want to fill your space (large or small) with quality sound that mimicks a surround sound speaker system.



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Most Versatile Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Echo
fave 0 Faves
  • 79 bought
$179.99 | Save: $30.99 (17%)

Why People Love It

  • Voice recognition software makes it easy to do just about anything completely hands-free
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with a wide range of software and devices

Packed with convenient features, omni-directional audio reminiscent of surround sound, voice recognition, good sound quality, can be integrated with home automation and personal wellness devices and software, and features a decent range of sound.


Not portable; has to be plugged in around the clock.

Performance: You'd be amazed at all this speaker can do! Thanks to the Alexa Voice Service, you can check the weather, listen to traffic reports, access your online music (Spotify, Pandora, etc.), listen to audiobooks, and even order a pizza. Amazon's Alexa Voice Service is like Siri, but built into a Bluetooth speaker system rather than your phone. It can even be integrated with IFTTT for accessibility across a wider range of platforms. There are limitations, but it's the most versatile hands-free voice controlled Bluetooth sound system on the market.

Sound quality is good, and you'll love how omni-directional audio makes it sound like you've got a surround sound system. The range is only 20-30 feet, but it's easily connected to your Bluetooth devices. It's not designed for portability (it has to stay plugged in). However, it's lightweight enough that you can move it from room to room easily (though you'll have to plug it in and wait for it to turn back on).

Features: Amazon Echo KILLS when it comes to features. The list of features is extensive:

  • Traffic reports
  • Audiobooks
  • News updates
  • Internet article search
  • Amazon shopping
  • Integration with Home automation devices
  • Integration with FitBit, Calendar, iCloud, and other IFTTT
  • Jokes and random facts
  • Music search (on Pandora, Spotify, and other online music services)
  • and the list goes on…

This is more of a fully automated home entertainment system than a simple Bluetooth speaker, but it performs with peerless efficiency. Thanks to voice activation, you can pair your speaker system to your Bluetooth device without pressing a button, and the voice recognition software makes it easy to control everything totally hands-free.

Price: At $180, this may seem a bit pricey, but wait until you see what it can do! It's incredibly versatile, and after a few weeks, you'll wonder how you could have ever lived without it.

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Best for Outdoor Use

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3
fave 1 Fave
  • 13 bought

Why People Love It

  • Durable and resistant to sand, dust, and water damage
  • Surprisingly loud; perfect for use in wide open spaces
  • Good bass and depth, with excellent balance of sound

VERY loud, ideal for use outdoors, heavy bass, good sound, easy to pair with Bluetooth devices, weather and water-resistant, decent battery life, and features instant connectivity.


Does not include a charge indicator and cannot  switch between multiple devices without taking time to re-connect.

Performance: What makes this speaker system good for outdoor use? First off, it's designed to be used outdoors, so it's dust-proof, rain-proof, splash-proof, and sand-proof. You can't swim with it, but it can be used in just about any environment without damaging it. It's durable, lightweight, and easily portable.

But the sound quality, volume, and depth also contribute to its excellence for outdoor use. The volume goes VERY high considering its small size, and it will fill a wide open space with well-balanced sound. You get great bass, mids, and highs from this small speaker, ensuring that your music is enjoyable no matter where you are. Place the speaker on a hard surface, and you amplify the bass significantly! Note: The speaker may vibrate/move if the bass is turned up, so be aware of placement if you have the bass on high.

Connectivity is another big plus. While it doesn't have the best range (30 feet), the one-touch pairing allows you to connect to any device in range.

Features: The speaker is designed to power down after 15 minutes of inactivity, a feature that helps to conserve battery life. With 7 hours of run time, it's a reliable device indeed.

The built-in speakerphone and microphone will allow you to make and answer calls without disconnecting your device, and the auxiliary cable input makes it easy to connect non-Bluetooth devices for playback.

Price: At $28, this is the cheapest of the speakers on our list. It's great for outdoor use, can handle a surprising amount of wear and tear, and is beautifully user-friendly. If only it had a few more features…

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Best Battery Life

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker
fave 1 Fave
  • 18 bought

Why People Love It

  • 24 hour battery life beats all other Bluetooth speakers
  • Lightweight yet very well-built and durable
  • Loud despite its small size; perfect for MP3 tracks

Longest battery life on the market, above-average connectivity range, good sound quality, no distortion, lightweight and compact, feels solid, and excellent price.


Doesn't handle the lows as efficiently.

Performance: If you're looking for a speaker that plays music with studio-quality sound, you might be disappointed. While it handles low bit rate music tracks (like MP3 or CD tracks) very well, it's not up to the deep lows of dubstep, reggaeton, hip-hop, or heavier EDM music. This is especially true if you turn the volume up to full blast.

That being said, you do get very good quality, well-balanced sound for other styles of music, those with more pronounced mids and highs. The volume is beautifully loud, and there's no distortion on the music. It just doesn't hit those heavy bass notes as well.

But what really makes this product one of the top Bluetooth speakers is its battery life. With this bad boy, you get 24 hours of music, rather than the 6-8 averaged by most competing products. You can use it for hours without draining the battery, making this the perfect speaker system to take with you when you will be away from a power source (camping, hiking, beach trips, etc.).

Features: This Bluetooth speaker is designed to instantly connect to the last-used device, making it easy to quickly get your music set up. Thanks to its 66-foot connectivity range, you can put on music from just about anywhere in the house.

The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, and the AUX cord allows you to connect any non-Bluetooth devices.

Price: At just over $35, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars. Not only do you get far superior battery life and good sound, but it's a user-friendly speaker system that comes with an 18-month warranty. Definitely worth considering!

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Best For Sound Quality

JBL Flip 2
fave 0 Faves
  • 19 bought
$99.88 | Save: $39.89 (40%)

Why People Love It

  • Amazing sound quality and volume
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Beautiful design and built to last

Studio-quality sound, affordable price tag, compatible with any audio device, LOUD for its size, lightweight and beautifully portable, versatile sound profiles, connectivity is a breeze, and features a decent range of sound.


Well below-average battery life.

Performance: Reading over all the Bluetooth speaker reviews, we've concluded one thing about this bad boy: you won't get better quality sound at this price and size! JBL is known for its sound quality, and it delivers with this speaker. You get excellent lows, highs, and mids, with AMAZING volume for such a small speaker.

Connecting your Bluetooth devices to this speaker is easy, and it takes the work of but a moment. You can also plug any non-Bluetooth devices in via the AUX cord. While the battery life is pretty rubbish (just 4 or 5 hours), you'll find that it's easy to charge anywhere you are. It's a sleek-looking, well-constructed speaker that's easy to control for maximum audio performance.

Features: For those who listen to a wide range of music, this is the speaker for you. Thanks to the pre-established sound profiles (Acoustic, Rock, Punk, etc.), you can easily switch between music styles for the best listening experience.

Connection range is about 30 feet, but you'll find the one-touch pairing makes it easy to connect any Bluetooth device in a few seconds. It even has a built-in speakerphone so you can make and take calls without disconnecting your phone.

Price: At $60, this is a very well-priced Bluetooth speaker. Considering the top-notch sound quality and easy pairing, you'll find it's a smart investment for those who want a speaker that will last for years to come.

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