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After 72 hours of research evaluating 127 products, we picked Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme as the Sexiest & Best Smelling Men's Cologne Overall.

There's nothing wrong with smelling like a working man, but when it's time to freshen up, it helps to have an edge. And one area a lot of guys never fully focus on is how to make the most of a good fragrance.

Smell Great

It's not hard to see why picking a good smell can be a challenge. After all, you don't want something that smells good to a man – you want fragrances that drive women wild. What you need is a woman's input that takes into account all the variations of your grooming routine.

Faveable has made it easier by putting together a list of scents including colognes with pheromones. Each one guarantees you'll keep the kittens purring--and leave them fondly remembering you every time they catch a hint of your scent. Just be careful about where you purchase your cologne. Third-party resellers tend to push knockoffs that leave you and the ladies disappointed, so always get yours from a trustworthy source like Amazon. 

Check out the colognes below to see which ones are making the ladies swoon.

One More Thing

Once you've chosen the Best Men's Cologne, jump over to our list of the Sexiest Best Perfumes for Women. We spent dozens of hours researching & testing the world's best women's perfumes to come up with the perfect scent for every occasion.

Here are the best mens cologne ranked.