13 Best LED Flashlights on the Planet

13 Best LED Flashlights on the Planet

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After 110 hours of research evaluating 251 products, we picked Anker LC90 LED Flashlight as our top choice.

Looking For The Best Brightest & Most Powerful LED Tactical Flashlights? Have We Got Something For You!

Real men aren't afraid of the dark - at least that's what they say. But the real ticket to taking on the world's darkest corners, whether on a backwoods hiking trip or climbing under the house to wrench on the plumbing, is the right tool. You want the brightest flashlight available within your price point. You also want the best flashlight for the money, based on features and price.

The brightest flashlight can make working in the dark easier and less frustrating. It illuminates the world's dangers so you can face down your fears one confident step at a time. And the best flashlight can have tactical features or rechargeable features. We may not have practical Star Wars light sabers yet, but how about a light that can actually start a fire?  

Other torches are sturdy enough for self-defense and designed for just that purpose. A zombie trying to bite your face off? One of these bad-ass best tactical flashlights, specifically designed for personal protection, is just the thing for beating it over the head so you can scramble to safety...

But finding the right flashlight for you may seem a bit overwhelming. Lucky for you, we've shortlisted some unique and innovative flashlights - the best of the best flashlights to help you combat the darkness and put the odds of survival back in your favor. In order to determine which flashlights rose to the top, we logged nearly 36 hours testing products, reading reviews, and categorizing the flashlights based on possible uses. 

Whatever your reason for lighting up the shadows, here are some interesting flashlights worth checking out! From Maglite to the best LED flashlight, alongside UV and rechargeable flashlights, our best flashlight list has got something for everyone. So take a look!

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