21 Best & Brightest LED and Tactical Flashlights

Looking For The Best Brightest & Most Powerful LED Tactical Flashlights? Have We Got Something For You!

Real men aren't afraid of the dark - at least that's what they say. But the most practical among us know the real ticket to taking on the world's darkest corners, whether on a backwoods hiking trip or climbing under the house to wrench on the plumbing, is the right tool.

Lucky for you, we've shortlisted some unique and innovative flashlights - the best of the best flashlights to help you combat the darkness and put the odds of survival back in your favor. In order to determine which flashlights rose to the top, we logged nearly 24 hours testing products, reading reviews, and categorizing the flashlights based on possible uses. In compiling our list we considered the following factors:

  • Purpose
  • Performance
  • Price

The brightest flashlight can make working in the dark easier and less frustrating. It illuminates the world's dangers so you can face down your fears one confident step at a time. And today's flashlights can do a whole lot more than you would expect. We may not have practical Star Wars light sabers yet, but how about a light that can actually start a fire?  

Other torches are sturdy enough for self-defense and designed for just that purpose. A zombie trying to bite your face off? One of these bad-ass tactical lights, specifically designed for personal protection, is just the thing for beating it over the head so you can scramble to safety...

Short on time?

Coming in at number one overall we have the Vizeri VZ230 Tactical Flashlight - designed for both heavy duty and day-to-day use. But don't just tak our word for it, Gear Patrol has also rated the Vizeri VZ230 one of the top 10 tactical LED flashlights on the market today. And several of our other Faves have made Gear Patrol's top 10 list, including the SureFire P2X Fury, CRKT Williams Tactical Applications Flashlight, Fenix PD35, Foursevens Maelstrong Regen, and SOG Dark Energy 247A. 

Whatever your reason for lighting up the shadows, here are some interesting flashlights worth checking out! From Maglite to the best LED, UV and rechargeable flashlights, it's all here. So take a look!

Streamlight ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with white LED
fave 3 Faves
  • 3221 bought
$135.00 | Save: $68.48 (51%)

4.60 stars

This is a great deal on Streamlight 88040 Flashlight which is 600 lumens thanks to a C4 LED. 50% off list price!

The Streamlight 88040 has a lifetime warranty and is constructed of aircraft aluminum. The average battery life for this torch is 1.5 hours on the highest setting and 18 hours on the lowest. It's powered by 2 CR123A batteries. 

MAGLITE S4D016 Tactical Flashlight
fave 3 Faves
  • 4178 bought
$35.84 | Save: $15.51 (43%)

4.60 stars

This heavy duty MAGLITE can take a beating as well as give one. Aside from being a great torch it can also be use in defensive situations. Perfect for carrying with you at night while walking the dog. The MAGLITE is well built to be used to defend yourself from a thief.

EagleTac G25C2 MK II XM-L2 LED 1180 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
fave 3 Faves
  • 1745 bought
$129.90 | Save: $20.90 (16%)

4.20 stars

The EagleTac can output up to 1180 lumens for 1 hr and has a beam distance of up to 295m. It runs on 2x CR123A or 1x 18650 battery. 

The EagleTac G25C2 MK II is waterproof  (IPX-8) and can give you up to 100 hrs of run time at the lowest setting. 

EcoGear FX Professional Grade Tactical LED Flashlight Kit
fave 1 Fave
  • 2192 bought
$99.99 | Save: $30.00 (30%)

4.80 stars

Bright tactical LED flashlight with zoom and great beam distance.

  • Uses CREE XML T6 LED chip
  • 2 x rechargeable batteries (18650)
  • Dimensions: 8" L  x 1.5" head diameter. x 1" body diameter

The EcoGear FX uses rechargeable batteries to power it's LED light. The lighting distance for this light is up to 985 feet (300m) with 5 different modes some of which vary in intensity. This is a torch that can be used in many different emergency situations as well as outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. 

NiteCore SRT7 Revenger Cree XM-L2 Tactica LED Flashlight
fave 3 Faves
  • 2532 bought
$132.00 | Save: $45.00 (34%)

4.70 stars

The NiteCore SRT7 was designed for law enforcement applications so you are getting a quality product. 

You can carry this light in rain without a problem as it's waterproof (IPX-8). This torch is very bright at 960 lumens. You can get up to 200 hours on the lowest setting. Perfect to carry in your car for emergency purposes. You won't have to worry if you drop it either as it's resistant to impact from up to 1.5 meters. 

Arctic Laser Flashlight
fave 8 Faves
  • 6623 bought
$299.95 | Save: $100.00 (33%)

This handheld laser light is encased in aircraft grade aluminum to make it virtually indestructible. The LED panel on the flashlight displays the current power level so there are no surprises. This laser light is so powerful that it's not for kids. It has a cipher-locked SmartSwitch to give you control of who can access your light.

Refun 2000 Lumen Tactical Handheld LED Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 16287 bought
$37.00 | Save: $19.01 (51%)

4.40 stars

This light from Refun offers a crazy 2000 lumens of power. That's rather impressive given the size and price attached to this gadget. If you know a camper or outdoorsy sort of guy, this might be one of the best gifts you'll find this year.

You'll get about 100,000 hours of light from this baby, though it will vary depending on the mode of operation. There are 5 modes to choose between including strobe and SOS settings. Focus range is adaptable. An aluminium body is skid resistant and waterproof. Plus, it's completely rechargeable. Nice, right?

Klarus XT11 CREE XM-L Tactical LED Flashlight
fave 3 Faves
  • 2646 bought
$99.95 | Save: $33.05 (33%)

4.50 stars

The Klarus XT11 has a runtime of 295 hrs on the lowest setting and 2.2 hrs on high. 

This light weighs only .3 lbs and is 6" in length and is 820 lumens. The Klarus XT11 is waterproof (IPX-8) and runs on 2 CR123A batteries. It can last up to 12.3 days on low. 

Brightest LED Flashlight Over $100

ThruNite TN32 1702 Lumen CREE XM-L2 U2 Thrower LED Flashlight Black
fave 1 Fave
  • 2689 bought
$179.95 | Save: $30.00 (17%)

4.50 stars

The Thrunite has a max output of 1702 lumens.

  • Beam distance: 727 Meters
  • Battery: 3 x 18650
  • Intelligent temp control

With a max output for 1702 lumens it has an inteligent circuit to prevent it from heating up which can be a real problem with some lights with high outputs. The unit weighs about 650 grams making it easy to carry with you. This is perfect for search and rescue situations as well as walking around in the dark out in the woods in the middle of the night, because that's what people do right?

Best Professional Grade LED Tactical Flashlight

SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Professional Series LED Tactical Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 5972 bought
$79.99 | Save: $20.04 (25%)

4.90 stars

This is one super-powerful (and rechargeable) flashlight from SOLARAY. With a long run time and a tactical security design, you will appreciate everything about this gadget.

Some people just need a small flashlight for spotting what's on the ground in front of them while walking the dog on a leash at night. You can head off to the drugstore to pick up any old torch for that. When you really need some light, you need to begin considering tactical units. And, if you're going to use it a lot, you have no choice but to consider professional models. And that's exactly what this product is. 

The body is made of hardened anodized aluminum (that's aircraft-grade) and features a front-mounted self-defence striking bezel that you hope you never need to use.

Depsite the tactical security design of this flashlight, it weighs a mere 5 ounces and with a length of 6.2 inches, the weight to size ratio is more than comfortable. It's small enough to store just about anywhere (and stick between your teeth while you use it in your crawl space... if you're into that sort of thing).

It's also water resistant, so it may not be the best for taking on your boat, but a storm isn't going to frighten this puppy.

Shine a lot of light, near or far

The ultra-bright CREE super-silicon carbide, single-die, XM-L LED chip throws a wild 1200 lumens and you have the ability to zoom in or out with the slide of your thumb. And 1200 lumens is more than respectable for the price; indeed, it's a big deal. 

This SOLARAY offers 5 modes for you to work with, including:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Intruder strobe
  • SOS emergency signal

However, you're more likely to be taken with the zoom feature that allows you to see objects 150 yards away. Now, that does represent optimal conditions, but you'll still be able to see terrifically far in stormy weather. That's an exceptionally powerful zoom no matter how you dice it. 

The other details you'll need to know

You'll get two premium SOLARAY 18650 lithium-ion batteries (that means one extra for... whenever you need it). Each battery is rechargeable up to 500 times, and you really shouldn't need too much of that. This unit also comes with a direct plug-in charger (that means you plug the unit in, you don't need to worry about removing the batteries first). This torch will also operate with three AAA batteries if you have a serious emergency (or extended camping trip). A holder for the AAA batteries as well as a plastic sleeve for the 18650 battery. 

You can also expect a protected circuit board and and a premium on-off switch. And, there's also a bonus LED solar-powered key-chain light that reviewers do tend to appreciate. 

What excites reviewers of this product?

  • Far and away, the sheer amount of light this baby puts out is the topic that has reviewers raving.
  • The length of operation based on a single charge does tend to wow most users.
  • Customer service is swift and efficient when needed (which isn't often). 
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Best Tactical LED Flashlight Under $100

Brightex Super Bright LED Small Tactical Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 7375 bought
$55.95 | Save: $28.00 (50%)

4.60 stars

When you need a unit that can do a lot more than just illuminate the area behind the fridge, but you don't want to pay a fortune, this is the baby to get. It's compact, super powerful, and has earned the respect of users with law enforcement and military backgrounds.


This torch from Brightex is super powerful inside and out. The body is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum so it can operate under seriously tough conditions, and be stored just about anywhere. It's also waterproof, allowing you to take it out into storms where other products would fall down. And yes, it is remarkably compact. The outer shell is 4.5 inches long with a body diameter of 2.2 inches. That puts it securely into your hands and the 3.7 ounces that it weighs keeps it there comfortably. (Yes, it weighs less than a quarter of a pound!)

Light up the night or just between those two trees.

The outer body is one thing. Yes, you want something lightweight and convenient, but the reason you buy an LED torch is for the light it provides. It's tested to provide at least 600 lumens, but it does a lot more than that. You can expect an output of light comparable to 1000+ lumens from this light's U2 CREE LED bulb. You'll get about 15 hours of operating time from three AAA batteries which is more than impressive given the results of similarly priced products. 

And now for the good parts

Even with the impressive beams, so far this is a fairly standard (if compact) unit. But it gets better. 

The zoom feature on this baby allows you to view objects and animals 600 feet away, that's something like 2000 times the flood feature's ability whcih will illuminate everything in your immediate surroundings. The zoom feature operates smoothly with your thumb, keeping your other hand free for whatever you need it for. A single half click operation takes you between modes:

  • High
  • Mid
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

When you first switch it on, you'll be treated to high mode so you don't need to worry about fussing with modes in an emergency. 

A few features you might not have expected include the holster for hands-free carrying and the 100% satisfaction guarantee. More important is the built-in battery adaptor that allows you to insert three AAA battery or a 18650 or 26650 lithium battery. You can grab what you have and make this baby work. 

All in, you're unlikely to get anywhere close to the quality of this light for the price. If you need something powerful, but affordable, you shouldn't look anywhere else.

The features reviewers rave about

  • Nobody can get over how powerful this light is; the beams are unparalleled even when pitted against some of the more expensive products in this list.
  • The manufacturer stands behind its products. There aren't many reported issues; when there are, Brightex handles them like professionals.
  • Smooth performance when switching modes and zooming in matched by a "true light" experience (greens don't become gray under the light).
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Best Programmable LED Flashlight

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with white LED
fave 1 Fave
  • 2364 bought
$135.00 | Save: $67.96 (50%)

4.60 stars

The Streamlight 88040 uses C4 LED technology for ultra brightness.

  • Waterproof contruction
  • Solid state power regulation
  • 600 lumen output

Best Cheap LED Flashlight

Ultra Fire LED Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 7976 bought
$19.99 | Save: $4.00 (20%)

4.30 stars

This product is by no means as fancy as some of the others on this list. It simply doesn't have the range or duration the others have. What is does have is a terrific price tag and more (albeit basic) features than you would expect given the low price. The combination of durability, reliability, and different modes pushed this torch to the top of the list.

Made from aluminum alloy, this flashlight is sturdy enough to handle daily use, as well as a few tougher incidents. The manufacturers claim this flashlight is waterproof, but they advise against submerging it for too long, and we believe that you may want to abide by the term water-resistant rather. And, hopefully, you'll never need it, but the body offers a crenelated strike bezel for self-defense purposes. 

And, this baby is truly compact with a length of 7.95 inches. The head diameter is 1.37 inches with a body diameter of .98 inches. It weighs just a fraction more than half a pound.

How bright is this flashlight?

But, none of that matters unless a flashlight does what you need it to... provide a light in the darkness. And, by all accounts, it does just that. The high-powered LED light will work for around 100,000 hours. Keep in mind that's over 4000 days and more than 11 years if run continuously. So, the chance of needing another flashlight to replace this one is quite slim. And, this flashlight has a max of 1600 lumens. Again, it's not the brightest available, but more than respectable given the price tag on this baby. 

The details you should know 

The switch is on the base cap, and you will need two 18650 lithium-ion batteries to power this baby. (Keep in mind that 18650 is not the same as AA batteries though they are roughly the same size.) With the 5-mode model, you should receive a charger for the batteries along with the flashlight itself. 

And that brings us to the main benefit of this flashlight over one that just switches on and off. This version has modes so you can operate different types of light from the same flashlight. The five modes include 

  • High
  • Middle
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS
  • plus the ability to zoom in and out as needed

Now for the drawback; there is just the one. You need to be very careful when ordering this product. There are some vendors that ship from China, not the United States, and those that aren't terribly concerned whether you get an original or a knock-off. A list of the best vendors and those that don't respond can be found here.

Keep in mind that, like many existing users, you are going to want a few of these. You may want to order as many as you need from the get-go.

What turned our reviewers on:

  • The different modes and the way you switch between them.
  • The level of brightness given the battery and size was astounding.
  • Value for money.
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Best Flashlight Bundle

Nitecore MH27 CREE XP-L HI V3 + RGB 1000Lm USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Bundle
fave 1 Fave
  • 906 bought
$279.95 | Save: $175.00 (63%)

Why People Love It

  • Includes a variety of features and accessories
  • Features temperature regulation technology
  • Straight forward and easy to use

The Nitecore MH27 bundle is designed especially for law enforcement, hunting, and tactical applications, including 4 brightness levels and advanced temperature regulation technology. 


Some users find the flashing red and blue light feature to be a bit much. 

Purpose: The Nitecore MH27 Rechargeable Flashlight Bundle was specifically designed for law enforcement, hunting, and tactical applications. To put it short, this is not your everyday flashlight. It's durable, and provides optimized performance in any environment. Although the Nitcore MH27 is very similar to the Nitecore P12GT, the Nitecore MH27 has a much larger diameter and blows the P12GT out of the water in terms of distance. So if you're looking for something heavy duty, the Nitecore MH27 is just the flashlight for you.

Performance: The Nitcore MH 27 Rechargeable Flashlight Bundle includes: the flashlight itself, one 18650 rechargeable battery, battery carrying case, USB wall adapter, holster, USB charging cable, clip, tactical ring, spare USB port cover, spare O ring, and spare switch cover. What more could you ask for? Additionally, the flashlight utilizes a Cree XP-L Hi V3 LED, and provides extreme reflector performance. The beam intensity is 33,700cd and has a distance of up to 462 meters. The 18650 rechargeable battery features a runtime of up to 708 hours, and the high efficiency constant current circuit enables maximum output up to 1000 lumens. The flashlight also includes 4 brightness levels and 6 special modes, which are easily accessible via dual side switches. Finally, this rechargeable flashlight even features advanced temperature technology, regulating the flashlight temperature if it gets too hot. 

Price: For the price, this bundle is a steal, including everything you need and more. So if you're looking for a heavy duty flashlight that is both durable and long-lasting, look no further than the MH27 Rechargeable Flashlight Bundle.

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Best LED Flashlight for Personal Protection

Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMU-X3R Tactical Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 1295 bought

Why People Love It

  • User friendly
  • Very bright
  • Compact and lightweight

Although the Maelstrom Regen flashlight is pricey, it's for good reason. This flashlight emits a ridiculous 2,000 lumens and is brighter than most competitors. 


The only downside to this flashlight is the hefty price. 

Purpose: This flashlight is multi-functional and bright enough for just about any use. 

Performance: The Maelstrom Regen flashlight emits 2,000 lumens, features 4 brightness levels, and is also rechargeable. Not only is this flashlight bright enough to blind someone, but it also features a toothed bezel for added personal protection. 

Price: The Maelstrom Regen flashlight is one of the most expensive on our list. However, we promise you will not regret purchasing this feature-rich flashlight.

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Best Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight Under $100

Klarus XT12 Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 838 bought

Why People Love It

  • Durable and versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Extremely bright and long-lasting

Comes with the same wonderful features as the Klarus XT11, but with a charging port! This flashlight is small and lightweight, super bright, and rechargeable - what more could you ask for?


Very few users report the light dying after less than a year of use, but the majority of users were very happy with their purchase and would highly recommend to users.

Purpose: Looking for a flashlight that you can recharge over and over again? Look no further! The Klarus XT12 comes with a USB charging cable and Klarus custom 18650 rechargeable battery, so you can stop throwing money out the window. Additionally, users report this flashlight is bright enough to use as a weapon, and you can even purchase the Extended Strike Bezel add-on for added personal protection.

Performance: The Klarus XT12 features Cree XM-L2 U2 LED with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and an output of 930 lumens. This flashlight is also waterproof up to IPX-8 standards and can survive underwater up to 2 meters. The flashlight is military quality, durable, and scratch resistant. And is created using sophisticated technology, including a USB charging cable and custome rechargeable battery.

Price: At just over $75, the rechargeable Klarus XT12 is bright, lightweight, and worth every penny.

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Best Tactical LED Flashlight Over $100

CRKT Williams Tactical Applications Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 593 bought

Why People Love It

  • Powerful LED output
  • Features multiple flashlight modes
  • Easy to use

Designed by James Williams - former military officer, knife designer, and martial arts expert (so you know this flashlight has got to be good), the CRKT Williams flashlight is meant to be a blinding weapon as much as an effective flashlight.


Expensive compared to competitors. 

Purpose: The CRKT Williams flashlight is ideal for outdoor use, personal safety, self-defense, everyday-carry, and tactical applications.

Performance: This flashlight produces a powerful LED output and features a hard-coat, black, anodized aluminum body - tough and strong enough for lasting durability. Additionally, this flashlight features projected lens reflectors, which provide maximum output and brightness. 

Price: Although this flashlight is pretty pricey, users agree that the long-lasting design is well worth the investment.

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Best Heavy Duty LED Flashlight

SureFire P2X Fury Dual Output LED Light
fave 1 Fave
  • 630 bought
$160.00 | Save: $31.75 (20%)

Why People Love It

  • Features 2 LED output levels
  • Conveniently pocket-size
  • Created to maximize light output and runtime

The SureFire P2X Fury is bright, reliable, and rugged. Unlike most flashlights, this bad boy is designed for far more than daily use. A favorite of the Special Forces and law enforcement, this heavy duty LED light is designed to handle extreme temperatures and impact. 


Not compatible with rechargeable batteries. 

Purpose: Looking for something beyond your simple everyday flashlight? Well then look no further. The SureFire P2X Fury was specifically designed for heavy duty use. This flashlight is built to withstand extreme temperatures and impact, and it's also completely weatherproof. The best part? The SureFire P2X Fury is lightweight and pocket sized, making it easy to take with you just about anywhere!

Performance: Performance is where this little baby really excels. The SureFire P2X Fury features two output levels, designed to maximize light output and runtime. The 600 lumen high-level provides maximum light, while the 15 lumen low-level ensures extended runtime. But at either setting, this flashlight delivers a smooth, wide beam with a bright central area and generous peripheral light. The SureFire P2X is also created using heavy duty aerospace aluminum and is hard anodized to military specifications, making it virtually indestructible.

Price: At just under $130, this flashlight definitely isn't cheap. However, the SureFire P2X Fury is definitely worth the investment if you are looking for something that will withstand heavy duty use and last for years to come.

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Best Rechargeable LED Flashlight Over $100

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools DE-06 Dark Energy Aluminum LED Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 901 bought

Why People Love It

  • Durable and bright
  • Rechargeable
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty

Super bright and built to last, this powerful flashlight is heavy duty, waterproof, and rechargeable. The best part? It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Nothing better than a company that stands behind their product!


The holster is a bit bulky.

Purpose: Perfect for anyone looking for a durable, rechargeable flashlight, made for heavy duty use. It even comes with a holster and belt for easy transportation! However, do keep in mind that the belt and flashlight are a bit bulky. So if you're looking for something to carry with you every day, this flashlight may not be your best option.

Performance: The SOG Dark Energy flashlight features four operation levels with a max output of 750 lumens. The operation levels include momentary on, full on (100 percent brightness), low (40 percent brightness), reading (25 lumens), and strobe. The flashlight has a run time of 105 minutes at 100 percent brightness, or 32 hours on reading mode. It's water resistant against water immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter, and even includes one 18650 rechargeable battery and charger. Something we really love about this flashlight is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, unlike many of its competitors.

Price: Although the SOG Dark Energy flashlight is not cheap, costing just under $130, the rechargeable battery feature alone makes the flashlight well worth the investment. 

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Brightest LED Flashlight Under $100

Fenix PD35 2014 Edition 1,000 Lumen CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Tactical Flashlight
fave 3 Faves
  • 3289 bought
$109.95 | Save: $39.00 (35%)

Why People Love It

  • High performance
  • Lightweight and pocket-size
  • Extremely durable

The Fenix PD35 is a new 2014 edition Cree LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and users rave about how bright this flashlight is.


Although a few users reported the light getting very hot and malfunctioning, most users have nothing but good things to say about this flashlight.

Purpose: The Fenix PD35 is perfect for everyday use, but also strong enough to withstand the elements. Created using durable aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized, anti-abrasive finish, this flashlight is tough and durable.

Performance: The Fenix PD35 tactical light has a 1,000 lumen output. This gadget can use 1x 18650 rechargeable battery or 2 3V CR123A batteries giving you the flexibility to carry the cheaper battery if you'd like. The Fenix PD35 weighs about 85 grams without the battery so you can carry it with you anywhere. 

Price: At just under $73, the Fenix PD35 comes at a very reasonable price, considering what you're getting for your money. The flashlight even comes with two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.

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Best LED Tactical Flashlight Overall

Vizeri VZ230 LED Tactical Flashlight
fave 1 Fave
  • 5225 bought
$55.00 | Save: $25.13 (46%)

Why People Love It

  • High quality focus
  • Waterproof
  • Features 5 modes

Robust and affordable, the Vizeri Flashlight is bright, waterproof, and features 5 modes: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS - all for just $30.


Some users report that this flashlight is dimmer than expected and not as durable as described.

Purpose: The Vizeri is perfect for both heavy duty and day to day use. This flashlight even includes a lamp diffuser, holster, d-ring, and carabiner to create a hanging lamp in your tent or other outdoor space. 

Performance: The Cree T6 XML LED of the Vizeri VZ230 used with the focusing feature of this flashlight creates a dangerously bright beam, and features 5 modes, including: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. This flashlight is also created using military grade aluminum and hardened anodized finish. The result? A waterproof flashlight, submergible to a depth of 3 feet.  

Price: We at Faveable understand that everyone's budget differs. So for our number one flashlight we selected something rich in features and light on price. Regardless of what you're looking for, we're certain the Vizeri will absolutely meet your needs and stay within your budget

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