6 Best Solid State Drives

6 Best Solid State Drives

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A solid state drive (SSD) can bring your computing to a whole new level, making your machine faster than ever thanks to lightning-fast read/write times. Believe it or not, you can boot a computer equipped with a SSD in under a minute. 

Not to mention that SSDs don't contain any moving parts, so they run far quieter than traditional hard drives.

Luckily for men who appreciate top-of-the-line computer hardware as much as they respect a sturdy pair of boots, prices on SSDs have seen a significant drop recently and are more affordable than ever. Depending on storage capacity, you can find a drive to suit just about any budget.

If budget is really a pressing concern, however, you could even acquire the cheapest SSD and use it strictly as an operating system while using your existing hard drive for storing videos, music, documents, and backup files. This approach will save a great deal of cash yet still bring the computing advantages to your work or play.

Sound interesting? We've done the hard work of finding some of the popular SSD options in a variety of form factors.