15 Amazing BBQ Essentials That Make You a Grilling King

Whether it's the middle of summer or you're just dreaming of the warmer weather, you don't need an excuse to up your BBQ game.

As every man knows (or at least as every man should know), your run-of-the-mill outdoor cooking could be accomplished with a half-empty empty beer can and a pile of red hot logs. But a man who's serious about his craft pulls together the proper equipment and takes the job to the next level. That means knowing how to clean grill grates (with a grill brush, or any other tool you have on hand), keeping BBQ skewers close at hand, and perhaps even have BBQ smoker in your arsenal.

So if you want to get fancy and lay claim to the title of Master Griller in your neighborhood, you've got to check these gadgets. They're the best tools and grilling gadgets for your next backyard culinary adventure (from the best smoker to those kebab skewers). It's enough to get any red-blooded American male's mouth watering.

Note: To complete the recipe for the perfect BBQ, you've got to take a look at this article - it's the only way to grill a steak. Don’t forget to toss in the obvious essentials: some bloody meat and a stack of cold brewskis. We can only do so much for you here.

Grill Daddy Heat Shield Stainless-Steel Tongs
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$24.99 | Save: $5.00 (20%)

4.20 stars

You know how it goes at a BBQ, don't you?  Beer in one hand, grilling tools in the other.  And sometimes you make a mistake.  It's not that you're drunk; it's that you're so excited about the food, right?  Fortunately, this baby will stop you from burning yourself again (unless you really have had too much to drink).

With a name like Grill Daddy, you have to know these guys mean BBQ business, right?  And this tool certainly proves it.  The heat shield swivels to protect your hands and you can mix and match attachments (but they're sold separately).  Most importantly, these are professional-grade meat tongs with sure-grip and spring-action.  Get these and stop accidently burning yourself.  It's important, don't you think?

Fan Brands Barbecue Grilling Iron
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  • 307 bought

You (or your man) support your team in everything you do. It's why you tailgate and party in the parking lot, right?

  • Unique grilling tool
  • Perfect grilling gift
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Now you can enjoy your game day steaks with a little bit of oomph. Just get your hands on one of these BBQ grilling irons to personalize your food. Just how fun is that?

Vacu Vin Quick Skewer Maker
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3.00 stars

Skewers and kebabs are good. They're so good, right? You get meat, veggies and a handy utensil all in one. That makes for a perfect BBQ snack. But, threading skewers is a pain in the... We understand that. So do Vacu Vin apparently. They've streamlined the process with this handy gadget.

Once you've got all your veggies and meats chopped, toss them in this extra large skewer maker, close, and insert skewer. Repeat as necessary. You know what this means, right? More delicious goodness going into your mouth with less time preparing it. It's also dishwasher safe, so quick cleanup too. (In other words, all things good.)

Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt
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$24.38 | Save: $11.66 (48%)

4.60 stars

This mitt is made out of special fibers that form a heat barrier to protect your hand during grilling season. Great for BBQ time, so you can flip your food without burning your hand. And, it's just so much more flexible than those heavy oven mitts (which you never wanted to use anyhow).

Cuisinart 14-Piece Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set
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$49.99 | Save: $24.00 (48%)

4.40 stars

Perfect and complete grill set for BBQ grilling with all of the tools that you need for your outdoor grilling activity!  This is an Amazon #1 Bestseller for a reason.

Grill Friends Double Kabob Skewers
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3.80 stars

This double kabob skewer is awesome for BBQ time - double the meat, but still provides you with tasty kabobs for dinner!

Grill Friends Double Kabob Skewers by Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends®

Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer
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Infuse your food with marinade, using this meat tenderizer, made with a built-in plunger.

Weber Grill Handle Light
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$27.99 | Save: $4.70 (17%)

4.20 stars

You see a lot of pictures of happy people circling around the grill in the middle of a bright summer's day. That's advertising for you. We know that BBQs aren't always middle of the day affairs. Often, they run into the evening and sometimes later than that. That means you need a light to make it all happen.  And, Weber's got one just for you.  

We know that you want to rig an old desk lamp for your nighttime BBQ experience. You shouldn't do that; those lights aren't built to withstand the heat. But, this light (that attaches to the handle of your gas grill) does. It's got LED bulbs that provide up to 10,000 hours of light, and it won't melt. Everything you need - and without spending a fortune either.

Looftlighter Fire Starter and Lighting Tool
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$79.99 | Save: $10.99 (14%)

4.40 stars

This awesome contraption will ignite fires and BBQ in seconds! And the best part is that it eliminates the chemical taste that is infused onto food when using regular lighter fluid or gas.

Stainless Steel Grill Clips
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$14.99 | Save: $3.80 (25%)

4.10 stars

These grill clips keep your vegetables or pieces of meat together for easy grilling. Perfect for asparagus, zucchini, or any other long vegetable - easy to flip and easy to grill!

Grillight Lighted Spatula
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Grillight incorporates high power LED lighting into a restaurant grade stainless steel frame spatula designed to point light exactly where you need—directly on your food.

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Make grilling a breeze

Unlike other grill lights that cast a bluish hue, the LEDs used in this innovative utensil have been precisely tuned to replicate daylight so you can see the true color of the food you’re cooking. Grillight is even dishwasher safe (just be sure to remove the LED first).

Flameless Grill Smoker
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A wood chip smoker box that generates flavor-enhancing smoke without flames.
John Boos Newton Prep Master Reversible 18" Square Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Pan
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4.80 stars

You might think it's difficult to get excited about a cutting board. It's not. Well, it's not now. Just take a look at this baby. It's made for men that love their steaks (and chops, and meat, in general).  

You see that little reservoir running along the edge? It's for draining the blood, oils and juices that come with a delicious piece of meat. And, it's elevated, so you can stick a pan underneath to collect those juices for easy disposal. Think BBQs. Think about carving the Thanksgiving bird. Think about losing the fat when you cook a T-Bone. You want this, right? We do.

Grill Cleaning Robot
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$199.95 | Save: $80.00 (40%)

3.60 stars

We love robots! This robot automatically cleans your grill, so you can sit back after grilling, sip on a cold one, and enjoy your meat. This device has 3 electric motors that rotate 3 brushes, removing burnt bits of food and grease.

Refuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge for Smartphones
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Never deal with an empty fuel tank again. This device will make sure that you are warned of the level of propane in your tank. 

  • Great gift
  • Connects via home's Wi-Fi
  • Monitor from anywhere

You can monitor the level of your propane tank from anywhere - just in case you forgot how much is left in your tank at home. Your grill will just have to be in range of your WiFi network so that you can connect to it to get the reading. The actual sensor can display the level of the tank just by tapping it incase you don't have your phone handy. You will always know now when it's time to refuel before a big BBQ weekend. 

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15 Amazing BBQ Essentials That Make You a Grilling King
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