6 Best Sleeping Bags

6 Best Sleeping Bags

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After 25 hours of research evaluating 85 products, we picked REI Igneo Backpacking Sleeping Bag as our top choice.

Best Overall Sleeping Bag

  • Wonderfully lightweight 
  • Perfectly warm and comfortable 
  • Packs down well; highly Compressible 

Heading out for a night under the stars? (Or in a tent with some basic amenities, but not much in the way of heat?) Trust us, you’re going to need the best sleeping bag you can afford.

You’ll have a choice between down sleeping bags and those stuffed with synthetic insulation (and that usually means the difference between ultralight sleeping bags and the bulkier variety). If you need to stuff it all into a hiking backpack, you’ll want to opt for a down sleeping bag.

However, the single most factor to consider when selecting the perfect sleeping bag is the temperature rating. Today’s cold-weather sleeping bags tend to account for everything but the Arctic and Sahara extremes, but you will need to check the temperature rating depending on the season and area. (Most manufactures have switched to the European Norm ratings.)

Keep in mind that men’s sleeping bags are the same as unisex, with the zipper on the left. Women’s sleeping bags have the zipper on the right to join the bags together for companion sleeping.

Need some help figuring it all out? Backpacker Magazine has some great tips for selecting a sleeping bag. But if you're looking for the best of the best, we’ve taken the time to create a list of the best sleeping bags on the market today. Just take a look. 

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