6 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

6 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

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After 21 hours of research evaluating 108 products, we picked Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card as the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card Overall.

For those of us that have both a passion for both travel and spending, travel rewards cards are more than just a way to build credit, but a way of life. Now we know that sounds dramatic, but we guarantee it's not. If you shop and travel regularly you simply must consider applying for a travel rewards credit card—the benefits will largely outweight the annual fee.

Let me explain:

So, if you're not familiar with travel reward credit cards, you may be wondering what types of benefits they may offer. Well let us tell you, the possibilities are endless! Many cards offer rewards that may be used toward a variety of hotel, airline, and rental car brands, while others are associated with a single hotel or airline. But regardless of where your allegiances lie, we promise our list includes something for everyone.

What's the bottom line?

Coming in at number one we've got the Capital One Venture Card, which allows you to collect double points on every purchase, everywhere, everyday (can't you just hear Jen Garner's voice now?)! While there is a small annual fee assiciated with the card, we guarantee it's well worth the investment.

And if you're wondering how to know whether or not it's okay to add yet another piece of plastic to your collection, check out our recent blog post on "How many credit cards should you have?" It will tell you everything you need to know about maximizing credit benefits, depending on your individual financial situation.

Now, ready to get your travel on? Happy reading!