8 Best Credit Cards You Can Get with Bad Credit

8 Best Credit Cards You Can Get with Bad Credit

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After 21 hours of research evaluating 115 products, we picked Credit One Cash Back Rewards Visa as the Best Cash Back Credit Card for Bad Credit.

Forgive us for being blunt, but life is difficult when your FICO score sucks. This three-digit number has a major impact on everything from employment offers to rental-home eligibility, and unfortunately, many people judge your trustworthiness by the condition of your credit. If your credit score dips below 619, you’ll probably pay more for everything from furniture payment plans to student loans - if you even get approved in the first place. (It's super tough to find credit cards for people with bad credit. Really.)

It gets worse:

When you get a bad credit car loan, your interest rate might soar as high as 30%. Landlords may require you to pay a larger deposit or fork over a couple months of rent in advance. Traditional banks may refuse to give you an account, which means you’re probably losing 3% or more of your income each time you cash a check (well, unless you have a prepaid debit card).

And we haven’t even mentioned other things that often cost more for folks with bad credit, including:

  • Medical loans
  • Dental payment plans
  • Automobile insurance
  • Appliances
  • Hotel rooms
  • Rental cars
  • Utility deposits
  • Cell phone service

And pretty much everything else that you need to live a comfortable life in today’s world.

But we’ve got good news:

We aren’t here to judge or lecture you. We’re here to help.

We know that it’s ridiculously difficult to get a credit card when you have bad credit, but we also realize that getting approved for one might help improve your credit score. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best credit cards for bad credit, including cards for credit scores 500 and lower - and secured products like the Capital One secured credit card. Check out our detailed descriptions of the bad credit credit cards below so you can make an informed decision before applying. You deserve a fresh start, and we want to make sure it’s a good one.

Have you tried any of these credit cards with bad credit? If not, which ones are you most likely to apply for?