10 Best Sex Toys for Men & Women

10 Best Sex Toys for Men & Women

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Way, way back in the day (the 19th century, to be exact), about 25% of women suffered from hysteria, a condition doctors claimed stemmed from the womb. According to historical scholar Rachel Maines, doctors felt inconvenienced at having to administer the treatment for it (i.e. a good ol’ orgasm) to their patients. It was as a result of this perceived inconvenience that Dr. George Taylor invented the steam-powered vibrator.

Luckily for us, today’s sex toys have come a long way since the days of the steam-powered technology. There is now a huge assortment of sex toys (trust me on this) that are readily available, affordable, and don’t require anything more than batteries or an AC adaptor to power them.


We at Faveable recently covered the 10 best vibrators for women. And you know what? We thought that was a little unfair. Sure, women sometimes need extra “assistance” in the bedroom, but what about everyone else?

If sexy lingerie, intoxicating colognes, and flavored condoms get your engines revving but aren’t quite enough to take you past the finish line, keep reading.

Sex is awesome.

Sex has been awesome since this guy was put to use about 28,000 years ago, but it’s soooo much better nowadays. Whether you’re looking to tease, titillate, or push you or your partner(s) over the edge, sex toys are the way to go.

After countless hours of research, we’ve narrowed down this list of the best sex toys to 10. We’ve got the best sex toys for men, women, couples, gay, straight, adventurous, and even those that just want to test the waters.


This list is not for the faint of heart. If you’re feeling up to the challenge though…

Sex toys aren’t for everyone—and that’s totally cool. BUT. If you’ve ever thought something was missing during your personal pleasure time, if you like to challenge yourself, or if you’re simply curious about adult toys, check out this list. You may be surprised by what you find (and enjoy)!