6 Best Air Mattresses for An Amazing Night's Sleep

6 Best Air Mattresses for An Amazing Night's Sleep

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The hardest part of any camping trip is trying to sleep! The lumpy ground makes it hard to get comfortable, and the rocks and tree roots you inevitably encounter also don't help. Your sleeping bag—or even a sleeping pad—may not be enough to help you have a good night's sleep.

So what can you do?

Well, all you need is one simple addition to your camping gear: an air mattress. Air mattresses are the perfect solution for outdoor sleeping. They keep you off the ground, provide a cushion (of air) for spinal support, and offer a bit more comfort than a sleeping bag. If you find the right air mattress, it will almost be like you're sleeping in your own bed.

And don't think air mattresses are only useful when out camping! They can make a great "back-up bed" in case of an unexpected guest (or if you find yourself sleeping on the couch…ahem!). They're inexpensive, portable, and often more comfortable than a couch bed or fold-out mattress.

Which air mattress do I want?

There are hundreds of air mattresses to choose from, so how can you find the best? We've done the work and research for you: reading thousands of reviews; testing dozens of air mattresses personally (my poor aching back!); and examining the pros, cons, and specifications of each one. Our research has led us to the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress, an air mattress that's ideal for both camping and home use. It's sturdy, comes with built-in air coils for maximum comfort, and is designed to auto-inflate. Everything what you need in a back-up mattress!

Not sure that's the air matress for you? Check out our list of the best air mattresses to find the one that fits your needs…