12 Best Contemporary Wall Clocks

Wall clocks may be one of the oldest human inventions, but they're still a mainstay in nearly every home and office on the planet. Not only do they serve the obvious purpose of telling time, wall clocks can also serve as a decoration, piece of art, a funny picture, or even a conversation starter.

If you're looking for a unique wall piece, something that will truly revolutionize your bare wall, check out this list below. At faveable, we took the time to find the most creative, quirky, and contemporary wall clocks out there. If you're looking for an unusual gift for that person who dares to be different and loves weird stuff, you're in the right place.

Telling time no longer has to be boring!

Extra Normal Wall Clock
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This clock is a whole lot of fun.  It looks elegantly minimal, or rather, extra normal (as the name implies) but this clock has a laser-cut face that spins over the numbers.  Why worry about what time it isn't?

The Extra Normal Wall Clock features a laser-cut opening that revolves around the center, revealing numbers that signify the hours. As it turns, the "hand" reveals a portion of the number marking each hour. The Ross McBride Extra Normal Clocks represents the culmination of designer/producer Ross McBride's strong desire to create a brand that completely embodies his aesthetics, and long time fascination with timepieces

Silver Wall Clock With Hidden Safe
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Stylish and functioning wall clock, with a hidden space to hide your valuables, behind the face. Perfect for stashing jewelry, cash, or credit cards.

It looks like a simple clock, but it's got a lot hidden behind its face.  Don't worry, it still functions as a clock.

  • Outside dimensions are 10 inches by 10 inches by 3 inches thick
  • The inside dimensions of the safe are 8 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches x 1 7/8 inches
Felt Panel Clock
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This is a decidedly simple wall to add texture to your walls without needing to be all OTT about it.  In fact, it's so artful and guileless we're not sure why it's taken so long to make it to the market.

The felt wall panels, designed by the Danish design studio Norm for Menu, have the most different, practical functions and they can be hanged alone at a wall, or also combined in groups. Thereby the wall panels can be assorted as you desire – and their functions can be combined or separated from each other.

New York Wall Clock Statue Of Liberty Empire State Building Clock
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Awesome modern wall clock, with the outline of New York City's finest, including the Statue of Liberty and Empire State building.

What time is it in New York?  And if you're more of a Paris, Tokyo or LA kind of a guy - you can score one of those faces instead.

  • Size: 7 inch or 10 inch diameter
  • Color/Material: Cherry bamboo
  • Tech Specs: requires one AA battery, not included. Easily mounted with a nail in the wall by a triangular hole in the back of the clock mechanism, or can be stuck on by a sticky mounting pad (not included).
Resource Revival Recycled Bicycle Hybrid Wall Clock
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This awesome wall clock is made from a recycled bicycle sprocket and recycled computer hard drive.  Isn't it great that green has gone stylish?

Made from a recycled bicycle sprocket and recycled computer hard drive. A great gift for computer or bike lovers, or both! AA battery included. 7" x 7"

Kikkerland Sliced Grandfather Clock
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We promise there's nothing wrong with the picture you see.  This is a modern take on the classic grandfather clock.  And what you see is what you get.

This wall mounted clock is made from MDF fiber board and plexiglass - which is all you really need.  After all, this isn't your grandfather's clock, right?

  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Measures 3.125 x 17.25 x 3.5-inches
Do It Yourself Aluminum Clock
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This wall clock is also a wall decal, so you can peel and stick the numbers anywhere you want. Great for a contemporary room!

Start a conversation in any room of your home.  If you're feeling creative, why not rearrange the numbers to your liking?  It's designed to measure 30" in diameter, but you can space numbers all around the room if you prefer.

 Live Video Feed Surveillance Clock
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This wall clock has a built-in camera that records high-definition video and audio, and streams the footage to your computer or smartphone!

Ideal for real-time, covert monitoring of a home or office when you’re away, the clock’s concealed motion-activated image sensor (located at the six o’clock position) captures full-color video at up to 720 x 480 resolution the instant it detects movement. The clock transmits video over your existing Wi-Fi network to a secure website where it can be viewed on any web-capable device, allowing you to keep tabs on caregivers, pets, or employees from virtually anywhere. The clock’s image sensor captures video in a 66º angle from 41/2' away, its sensitive microphone picks up sound from 16' away, and footage is stored on a microSD card up to 32 GB (not included) or your PC. With a dark face for contrast, the analog clock has extra-large stainless steel hour markings, a sweep second hand, and a brushed stainless steel exterior. Its quartz movement keeps impeccable time.

  • Powered by the included AC adapter or one AA battery (not included).
  • Works with iOS, Android, Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
  • 13 1/2" Diam. x 1 3/4" D. (2 3/4 lbs.)
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Karlsson Wall Clock Falling Numbers
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Not your average wall clock!  This unique black-and-white timepiece is great for a gift.  Or, get it for yourself to hang in the living room or home office.

This clock features a white dial with contrasting, black falling numbers.  The square face is stainless steel.

  • Measures 12 by 12 by 2-Inch
  • Requires 1 AA battery (not included)
LED Projection Clock
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There's just something about this clock that's always going to remind you of film noir although there's no chance they would've featured anything like this.  If time is really important to you, this is the wall clock you want.  It's perfect for the man who's constantly living under a deadline.

These clocks project a remarkably bright clock image, as large as 3" (or more) in diameter, on your wall or ceiling.  The low voltage 25 watt lamp in the Micro LED, and the 50 watt lamp in the Maxi LED, are powered by an AC mains built-in electronic transformer with dimmer, so the image brightness can be adjusted to suit any mood.

  • Features quartz battery-powered sweep clock movement.
  • Injection moulded housing, transformer, 25 watt lamp (Micro LED), or 50 watt lamp (Maxi LED)
  • 110V - U.S. Plug
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Hands Free Gear Clock
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This awesome wall clock tells the time with small moving gears that rotate a large outer sprocket. Instead of hands, this clock has a simple arrow that points to the current time on the large dial, which makes a full revolution twice a day.

Powered by the four fixed internal spur gears, the large clock is nearly 2' in diameter, with bold numbers that are easy to read from a distance and submarkings at each 15-minute interval. Contrary to its prodigious size, this clock is constructed from lightweight ABS plastic with a metallic finish, making it easy to mount on any wall surface. Requires two D batteries. Assembly required. 26" H x 22" W x 4 1/2" D. (2 1/2 lbs.)

Blow Up Wall Clock - Fratelli Campana 2.4
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This modern wall clock has a unique blow up design to it, with steel, chrome-plated fixtures.  But this Alessi Blow Up Clock still keeps accurate time.

The design uses the stability of passing hours to bring order out of chaos.  How fun is that?

  • Designed by Humberto and Fernando Campana
  • Features: Chrome plated Steel, and dimensions are 25.6" diameter 2.4" in depth
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