15 Best & Sexiest Perfumes for Women

15 Best & Sexiest Perfumes for Women

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After 40 hours of research evaluating 135 products, we picked Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium as the Best Perfume for Women Overall.

All ladies want to smell pretty. Smelling good not only makes a girl feel good, but can also increase confidence. A study by the Journal of Cosmetic Sciences found that fragrances increase both self-confidence and self-perceived attractiveness. The study says: "An individual's personal odour and the product chosen may thus influence both self-perception and impressions formed by others." In other words, you will not only smell better, but others will notice your increased confidence. 


With the number of options available today for purchase online, finding your signature smell is easier said than done (just look at how many colognes we women love on men, let alone how many we love for ourselves)! It's especially difficult when you have tested so many, that they all begin to smell the same. And when you buy ladies perfumes online, you just never know what you're going to get!

Luckily, Faveable has made it easy for you by putting together a list of the best women's fragrances currently on the market. Our editors have spent hours reading beauty reviews, testing options, and comparing prices to give you the most trusted list of brands available today. We even went a step further and categorized them for all of life's occasions.

What's the bottom line?

Yves Saint Laurent's latest foray into perfumes, Black Opium, is the Best Overall brand to buy online on our list. It's a beautiful scent that makes women feel warm, sexy, and luxurious. But even if this unique blend of vanilla, coffee, and woodsy notes isn't your style, we guarantee our list has something you'll love.