7 Best HDMI Cables for Your Home

7 Best HDMI Cables for Your Home

When it comes to technology, cables have always been sort of a weak spot. First to break down, last to be upgraded, and frequently glued together with insulating tape or some other MacGyver-style solution.

Wireless technology has solved this problem for many people. Not only does it save money – it also saves on the frustration of having to choose and constantly fret over it.

However, today's TV is still far from wireless and, unfortunately, still relies on cables to function. Especially HD and ultra HD quality – they won't work without a proper HDMI cable. Still, don't get discouraged – the best HDMI cables are usually cheap and will all have the same image and audio quality, no matter who made it.

The difference in these cables are mostly in the length, the way they're produced and the materials used. I'd like to single out length as an important factor here – if you're forced into using a long HMI cable, you might experience image flickering and complete loss – unless you choose the proper cable. The best HDMI cable for your setup will be a compromise of length and price. But you can still get a terrific high speed HDMI cable that suits your needs, whatever your budget; you just need to know where to look.

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