9 Best Indoor Grills

9 Best Indoor Grills

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It's difficult to imagine life without BBQ. Even if you're not a serious meat lover, you have to appreciate the way a grill cooks those vegetables, right?

Clearly, most Americans love their food grilled. According to Mintel’s Grilling and Barbecuing Report, a whopping 80 percent of American households own at least one grill. Actually, the average grill owner has 1.6 of these cooking devices.

It shouldn’t surprise you that eight in ten Millennial consumers already own a grill, and the same group is still more likely to purchase a new grill in the next two years.

You may be one of them.

An analyst quoted in the L.A. Times sums it up perfectly, “it’s part of the American identity to have a grill.”

We Love Grilled Food (Inside and Out)

But let's be honest, the point of a grill is the incredible succulent meat it makes. There's just something about it. The trouble is, though, that some apartment buildings and condos simply don't allow for gas or charcoal grills. That's tough. And those long, dreary winter months make it almost impossible to enjoy grilled foods.

At least they did before these indoor grills became popular. And, apparently, 56 percent of grill owners cook-out all year long. We suspect a lot of the people polled are actually using electric grills indoors and calling it a cook-out, but…

Most inside grill enthusiasts are using electric grills, but you’re not limited to them. While you certainly cannot bring a charcoal grill indoors, the stove top grill has a lot of fans. You just fit them over your existing elements and voila!

And, there are those that cook with an inside grill more often than not – because it’s healthier. Just look at the Foreman grill fans out there.

Just think of all the options you have; we did. We spent a week considering all the different options on the market, from the humble stove top grill to appliances that doubled up as panini presses. (And, we promise that we looked at every Foreman grill out there.) We’re absolutely serious about our top fave – and found plenty of others to fall in love with as well.

Now, isn't it time you imagined a winter with football and grilled meats and veggies? Absolutely.