Pimp Your Cat: 10 Accessories You Need Now

Pimp Your Cat: 10 Accessories You Need Now

We all know that cats are just too damned cool to care about what any of us puny humans think. They're all, "Yeah, I'm over here in my corner, doing my thing. Whatchoo lookin' at, biatch?"

Well, time to show the cat just how pimp they can be. It's all about giving them the right cat outfits and cat costumes to match their attitudes, and letting them accessorize properly. 

We've gathered the best products to give your fashion cat the edge he needs. When it's time for you to pimp your cat, you'll want to move beyond cat Halloween costumes and into the realm of swagger-worthy gear. And, from a basic cat collar to complex cat costumes, we have it here. 

Topping the list, a wicked-looking tux for those days when kitty wants to show all the lady cats just how dope they look while chilling in they crib. We can't promise your cats will love this, only that they'll look super pimp with this gear.

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