LG’s Answer to Sonos Wi-Fi Home Audio Speakers

LG’s Answer to Sonos Wi-Fi Home Audio Speakers

When it comes to whole home audio, Sonos is usually the first names that comes to mind.

But now, LG has an answer to Sonos home audio with their Music Flow System - and it has many interesting speakers in its arsenal. One of those LG speakers is a 4.1 channel surround-sound soundbar with an included Bluetooth connected subwoofer that you can use for your TV. You'll also be excited by the other wireless Bluetooth speakers in this range; they are, after all, some of the best wireless speakers you can lay your hands on. 

Aside from price, another major selling point for this ecosystem is the fact that some of these speakers have a rechargeable battery that lasts about 6-7 hours. This battery gives you the ability to carry these speakers around the house whenever you want. 

If you're in the market for a whole home audio solution then give the LG Music Flow System a look. From the LG Bluetooth speaker options to the LG multiroom setup, this system will surprise you as any LG Music Flow review will suggest! Competition in this realm is good for everyone and we can only expect things to get better as time goes on. 

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