11 Best Pomades for Men

11 Best Pomades for Men

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Are you a guy with naturally dry hair that wants to hold a hairstyle? Well you better start taking notes! We're about to blow your mind with some of the most amazing pomades on the planet. These hair styling products offer medium to maximum hold with medium to high shine. Dependent on their composition, you have the flexibility of wax but the shine of gel - and without that locked-into-place feeling. 

Woah... a product that that holds but doesn't feel like gel?

That's right. When you're on the hunt for the best pomade for men (and that's pomade, not pommade), you should look further than the brands you know well. That's not to say that you won't find a quality Axe pomade or American Crew pomade, only that there are plenty of others out there. And, a little further away from your norm might offer the style and flexibility you want. 

You may want to consider the Suavacito pomade or Layrite Pomade featured below. Or, head across the ocean for a jar of Dapper Dan pomade and discover what the Brits know about men's styling (incidentally, you can still get it on Amazon, don't worry). And, if you're on a budget, you can always turn to the trusty Murrays pomade.  It does the job for cheap. With the right pomade, you can create a stylish "bed head" look, as Pomadesblog.com describes as "the perfect 'messy-but-dapper' look to rock on days when you want to go casual."

How do you choose the right pomade?

We've got you covered. Our list includes all the best pomades available - and that was more difficult to achieve than you might think. We spent countless hours reading and reviewing all the different products out there. (There are a lot.) And, once we got to that point, we took over forty hours to narrow our lists and sample these products. Finally, we created an incredibly extensive list of the best pomades money can buy.

So what's on our list? Just take a look. If you're not sure if pomade is for you, check out all our men's grooming guides. Our lists of the best hair creams, best hair gels and best hair waxes will help you explore other looks and styles. And, of course, don't let your self-grooming regimen stop there. Your skin needs just as much--if not more--love as your hair, so be sure to bookmark our guides on the best face washes, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and acne products for later.

Regardless of your style, or the kind of product you're looking for, we've got you covered.