12 Best Bike Accessories

12 Best Bike Accessories

There's nothing like hitting the open road, with just your bicycle and a few (light and easy to carry) supplies. Whether you're going camping or just spending a day cycling around town, you can expect a sense of freedom that few other pastimes provide.

The beauty of cycling is that you can burn A LOT of calories - anywhere from 450 to 1,000 calories per hour, depending on your speed and effort. It's a great way to enjoy the open country air or the city sites while fitting in a wicked workout.

But, you're going to need a few things for your cycling trip:

And, don't forget your biking gadgets. These nifty electronics will make your cycling safer, easier, and more enjoyable. It doesn't matter if you're cycling cross country or just taking a ride around the park; you want these babies.

Don't miss our top fave. It's the COBI - a system that mashes together a theft alarm, a LED light, a smartphone case, and a battery pack. It's super sweet.

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