12 Best Gadgets for Serious Coffee Lovers

12 Best Gadgets for Serious Coffee Lovers

Quick List: 4 Best

The top four picks on our list
Stanley Mountain Coffee System (1.1 quart)
  • Dry storage in stopper holds coffee grounds
  • Integrated pot and press
  • Lid separates to two cups

You’re the guy that takes his coffee seriously (or you’re married to one of those men). Sure, you’re not prepared to make a living from your love of coffee, but you can’t take ordinary, run of the mill coffee unless it’s one of those life or death situations. (Just how many times have you suffered awful hotel coffee because it seems like you might die without something resembling coffee?) You’re not alone.

Coffee is a big deal to the faveable team too. And, we’ve rounded up the best coffee gadgets and coffee accessories to prove it. We know you’ve done your research and found the best brewer for your budget (or perhaps beyond it) - or maybe you've got a fancy coffee press. And, you might even have a backup Keurig for those moments when you don’t have more than a minute to spare (or for the guests that can’t tell the difference). That's great. Now it’s time to up your game and ensure that a great cup is always in reach.  You'll need a milk frother to start.  For those moments when you're on the move without your espresso maker, you'll also need a quality French press.  

Whatever your coffee needs, these are the gadgets to make it happen.

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