10 Best WiFi LED Smart Bulbs

10 Best WiFi LED Smart Bulbs

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After 15 hours of research evaluating 20 products, we picked Philips Hue LED Starter Kit as the Best Overall Smart Light.

It's not that you're lazy; it's that you're always so busy. As soon as you get a chance to relax, you want to do it with style - and without the hassle of continually adjusting the amount of light in your home.

And we all know that moment when you've decided to call it a night but you know the lights are on downstairs. It's a hassle to slip out from under the covers to walk around the house. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could turn off all of the lights in your house without ever having to get out of bed or off the couch?

Thankfully, our homes are becoming smarter by the minute. And the latest tech has given us smart lighting. With the ability to control from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, smart lights give you total control over your in-home illumination without having to actually get up.

Smart lights are taking over!

And, you may as well move towards Smart lights given that those old-fashioned incandescent bulbs are on their way out (and have been since January 2014). If you decide to go the LED route (which we highly recommend), it makes perfect sense to give your home lighting an overhaul, doesn’t it?

Though the move towards Smart lighting isn’t yet in full swing, 72 percent of people polled by Osram Sylvania (yes, the lighting company) believe that Smart lights will eventually replace traditional light bulbs all together. And 86 percent believe that they have at least one room in their home that would benefit from Smart lighting.

There are plenty of reasons for that, as evidenced by a separate report issued by Icontrol Networks. A biggie is the security that any Smart system can offer. According to their research, 70 percent are also excited about cost savings which is something Smart lights do rather well. Only 48 percent of their respondents believe in the potential convenience.

Think your Smart lighting system through carefully!

It’s possible the low rate of  those interested in smart lights for their convenience has to do with the stories like Stacey Higginbotham’s on Fortune.com (which is completely worth the read). She illustrates the challenges of integrating her Smart devices working across a number of platforms (Wink, Nest, IFTTT, and Amazon Echo).

The issues Stacey battled certainly haven’t steered her away from her Philips Hue Smart lights, but they illustrate just how important it is to consider the system and motivation behind any Smart light system before rushing out to purchase new bulbs.

And that’s exactly what we did for you. We’ve been pouring over reviews, specs, and giving a few lucky systems a try over the past few weeks. Because, let’s face it, Smart home systems of any sort aren’t exactly cheap. There’s little point in opting for lights that offer you 16 million color choices if they're not compatible with your thermostat, smoke detector, home security, and (by all means) your entertainment systems. 

Ready to customize your home's lighting so you can get your relax on? Of course you are. And, you'll want to check these babies out. Don't leave without looking at our number one fave. It'll blow your mind (not your electricity bill).