Dad to Be? Here's Your Fatherhood Survival Guide (You're Welcome)

Dad to Be? Here's Your Fatherhood Survival Guide (You're Welcome)

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Being a new father is not easy - no matter how much you've fooled yourself over the past several months. You've got to find a way to juggle work, caring for a newborn, and making sure the baby's mother is happy as well. (HINT: She's exhausted, so anything extra you can do for her will be important!) Expect your life is going to be intensely hectic for the next year (or, 18).

Thankfully there are a few things that will make your life as a new father easier. A few gadgets and gifts can totally streamline the fathering process. These babies will help you care for your babies. Plus, they'll give you a bit of time to yourself, and keep you organized during this crazy, crazy time.

Topping our faves is the Ergobaby. It's a baby carrier that'll allow you to haul Junior around without letting his weight make your back ache. It's a hands-free ergonomic miracle (and trust us, you'll need hands-free everything for the next couple of years).

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