10 Things Tom Hanks Wish He Had In Cast Away

10 Things Tom Hanks Wish He Had In Cast Away

Can you survive on a desert island? No, not the kind the movie stars buy; the unexplored, uninhabited islands that are so remote we've never quite gotten around to charting them. Sound like a far-fetched idea? It could happen (and, indeed, it's more probable than a zombie apocalypse).

So what would you do? Maybe it's time to prepare your Desert Island Survival Kit. You know, just in case...

Not sure what you'd need on a desert island (besides those 10 songs that you've had picked out for the last 10 years)? Check out this gear. You'll be able to survive almost anything with this kit (including the zombie apocalypse).

Topping our faves? It's a tool that will keep you alive: the Steripen, a water purifier that will deliver a quick dose of fresh water no matter where you are. That and Stairway to Heaven will keep you going, right?

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