Brewing Beer Is Beyond Easy With These Entry-Level Beer Making Kits

Brewing Beer Is Beyond Easy With These Entry-Level Beer Making Kits

Love your beer? Do you get a little excited when you spot a new beer on the menu? If you're a serious beer guy (with or without a beer belly to prove it), it's almost a requirement that you try making your own beer - at least once.

We love our beer, and at least a few faveable team members have tried to make their own. (Totally drinkable results too!) We know crafting your own brew is the best way to take your beer tasting to the next level.

If you've never tried making beer or know what's involved, then the best place to start would be with a home brew kit. These babies ensure any novice achieves a great tasting beer with minimal effort. Of course, you'll have to do some work, and effort levels vary. But, if you're ok with getting your hands dirty (and working with fermenters and cooking wort), you've got the skills needed to craft a refreshing beer.

Short on space? Don't worry, we've found a great 1 gallon kit. It'll fit on the kitchen counter in your apartment.

The best kit? Try the Midwest Homebrew Kit. It comes with a plastic carboy that's versatile for the fermenting process, and you won't have to worry about breaking it like its glass counterparts. It allows for 6 gallons at a time. That's perfect if you're the sharing type (or, we suppose the hoarding type). And, we're totally keen on your discoveries. If you find any great tasting beers, please share. (Told you we're all about beer.)

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