How to Get a Hollywood White Smile That Instantly Makes You Sexier

How to Get a Hollywood White Smile That Instantly Makes You Sexier

Everyone, absolutely everyone, wants sparklingly brilliant white teeth.  And yes, this does help to give you a brilliant smile.  And that’s why most of the products we’ve included here are aimed at helping you to achieve that.  

But, there are other lifestyle choices which go a long way towards whiter teeth.  For a start, you really do need to brush for 2 minutes twice  day.  There’s a lot of research and reports to suggest that many people aren’t even doing this once a day.  Now, we know that’s not you… but…  Don’t forget about your tongue and gums either.  You may not see them (or as much of them) when you smile, but if they’re not healthy, the rest of your mouth will have a difficult time looking sexy (or being healthy).

And remember, flossing is a daily activity - not only after eating tougher meats.  An amazing amount of food collects between your teeth.  This leads to more than decay - it also contributes to the development of unhealthy bacteria.  Nasty.

When it comes to the stains associated with coffee and red wine, don’t think it’s the dark colors that are a problem.  Sure, they don’t help, but it’s about the acidity of what goes into your mouth - not the color.  That means ketchup could be just as much of a problem for you, even if you’ve sworn off red wine or you’re (sometimes embarrassingly) drinking it through a straw.  You also shouldn’t smoke, but you know that by now right?

On the plus side, an apple a day may keep the dentist away.  It’s like a natural scouring pad for your teeth and it’s loaded with oral antioxidants too.  And, speaking of dentists, do yourself a favor and add some dental care to your insurance policy - even if you need to pay a little more.  Dental work can cost a fortune and your gorgeous smile is one of the things that people notice about you first.

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