10 Extraordinary Futuristic Watches for Men

10 Extraordinary Futuristic Watches for Men

When you were a kid, you could only dream of accessing the cool, futuristic gadgets you saw on Star Trek and Star Wars. But in our fast-paced world, your childhood fantasies are now becoming realities for the adult kid in you.

Make a different kind of fashion statement – or just entertain yourself – with our list of futuristic watches.  We tapped into our inner-geek and dug up the best high-tech sci-fi watches we could get our hands on.  Not sure of the best smartwatch for you? Don't stop at the Pebble smartwatch, keep looking around - you'll soon get a feel for the features you want.

You'll find complex LED displays, voice commands, GPS, projectors, Bluetooth, and all kinds of other snazzy features. And some of them just look awesome.

Even Spock would be proud of this list; our guess is he'd probably be wearing #5 of our fave smartwatches. What do you think?

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