15 Gifts To Impress Your Girl's Parents

15 Gifts To Impress Your Girl's Parents

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If you’re visiting her family over the holidays, you don’t want to show up empty handed. It doesn’t matter if you’re their son-in-law or your girlfriend’s newest fling - bringing a gift is common courtesy no matter what your status. Picking out the right gift, however, can be quite daunting.


This is one of the only times you’ll want to give a gift where the thought should be of more importance than the actual item. If you give something inappropriate it will most certainly draw the wrong attention. On the other hand, if you pick up a retailer gift card on your way to their house, you’re lack of thought is sure to stick out like a sore thumb. In order to get the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife’s parents, shop with two things in mind: tradition and gourmet.

Here's the deal:

Approach gifting for your girl’s parents as you gift would for any host. The point is to give them something that is nicer than they would normally buy for themselves and goes with the theme (which is often food and drink). To get you started, and ensure you are greeted with smiles and an open door, grab one of these 15 perfect gifts for your girl’s parents.

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  • So many types of meats, cheeses, and sweet treats
  • Terrific variety, great value
  • Premium ingredients for a gourmet product
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Flavored Olive Oil Gift Set
  • 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Made Fresh in Northern California
  • First Cold Pressed, Organic
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The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver
  • Keeps wine tasting fresh; prevents oxidation
  • Easy to use—insert and pump for a few seconds
  • An inexpensive solution for better wine storage!
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Stumptown Coffee Blend Trio
  • Delicious, high quality assortment of coffee
  • Three gourmet blends made using top-notch international products
  • A beautiful, classy little gift!
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23andMe DNA Test
  • A great gift for those who love history or genetics
  • Find out who you're related to anywhere in the world
  • Trace your ancestry back to important figures in history
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Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • A simple, affordable way to make cold-brew coffee at home
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable, lightweight, and user-friendly design
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Woodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Ball Gift Box
  • A delicious little gift box of elegant chocolates
  • Bourbon-filled treats an absolute palate-pleaser
  • Great packaging—makes a gorgeous gift
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NEST Fragrances Luxury Mini Votive Candle Set
  • Beautiful, delightfully-scented candles
  • Six wonderful scents to choose from
  • Candles come in a luxurious gift box
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Le Creuset Set of 4 Mini Cocottes
  • Great for making soups, stews, quiche, fruit tarts, and many more dishes
  • Highly effective for making desserts and savory dishes in small quantities
  • Durable, reliable cookware that will last for years to come
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Quiseen Set of 9 Grey Beverage Chilling Stones
  • No mess, EVER!
  • Keeps drinks chill without watering down the liquor
  • Perfect for Scotch, vodka, rum, and other hard liquors
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Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Gift Set
  • The perfect mixed pack of hot cocoa flavors
  • Rich, delicious, and luxurious flavor assortment
  • Great value for the price
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2015 Carnivor California Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Bold, big, rich flavors reminiscent of a quality port
  • Sweet enough for any palate without being cloying
  • A quality Cabernet Sauvignon at a decent price tag
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NIX X08D 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor
  • Display all their favorite photos in one place
  • User-friendly; switches on and off thanks to motion sensor
  • Holds thousands of photos and hours of video
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Netflix $30 Gift Card
  • Great for watching all their favorite TV shows and movies
  • Excellent value, far cheaper than cable TV
  • User-friendly interface for streaming and DVR
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Simply Organic Gourmet Top 24 Spices Set
  • All the spices they could want in one simple set
  • Perfect for those who love international cuisine
  • Great collection; good selection of spices
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