9 Best Workout Shorts & How to Pick the Perfect Pair

9 Best Workout Shorts & How to Pick the Perfect Pair

When working out at the gym, the last thing you want is a pair of pants or shorts that hangs too loose or clings too tightly. It's all about finding the right balance between comfort and practicality!

There are a lot of gym shorts and pants on the market today, but the truth is that it's hard to find the right pair. We've got a few tips on how you can choose ideal gym shorts and pants below:

  1. Avoid rough fabrics that could irritate or chafe your skin.
  2. Find pants/shorts that don't hang too lose, but which won't cling like skinny jeans.
  3. Always go for moisture-wicking fabrics (cotton SUCKS).
  4. Don't forget about layers (especially in winter).
  5. Odor-resistant fabric is always a plus.
  6. Buy pants according to your activity (sweatpants for lifting, Yoga pants for Yoga/martial arts, jogging pants for running outdoors, and compression shorts/pants for leg day).

Here are some of the best gym shorts and pants you can find, topped by a brilliant piece of clothing: Nike 5” Distance. These shorts are just the right length for running, but they're comfortable for indoor exercise too. Durable and lightweight, they're a pair you can't help but love!

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