20 Best Bacon Products Ever Made

20 Best Bacon Products Ever Made

Today is 12/30 a.k.a Bacon day. Ah, bacon! The sweet smell of sizzling, smoked, juicy strips of pork – just talking about it is enough to make your mouth water. I mean, this is man food, Baby! Any seasoned bachelor could tell you that.

In fact, bacon has been said to be, quite possibly, the greatest thing ever conceived by mankind – well, according to the Urban Dictionary, of course. And the porkpocalypse, when the world watched in dread as possible pork shortages loomed, indicates they may be right..

But why stop at just plane ole' bacon? We know you're better than that, so we put our detective work into action and dug up the best, most unique bacon-centric products purchasable, from bacon chocolate to bacon soap to bacon shoes.

Yup – now you can have your bacon, eat it, and wear it too.

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