15 Clever Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts Under $50

15 Clever Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts Under $50

You’ve probably guessed, but over here at faveable, we’re big fans of our wine. Now between us, we couldn’t settle on a favorite wine. We couldn’t even reach consensus on a region if we tried. What we do agree on are these gifts for wine lovers.

If we’d taken away the max price point of $50, this list could have gone on forever. But, besides offering something manageable, we know that shopping for a guy that loves his wine can be difficult. There are plenty of top end gadgets, appliances – and obviously wines  But, we were certain we could inspire killer gift ideas for the wine lover in your life - even if you’re working with a budget. We were right. Just take a look.

We've included everything from wine games to stemless wine glasses and plastic wine glasses. We've also found the best wine saver and wine bottle stoppers (don't worry, we've also got a rabbit wine opener). If you've heard the hype about Govino wine glasses, you can check them out here alongside personalized wine glasses.

And don’t feel bad if you’re shopping for wine gadgets for yourself.  We’d do exactly the same.

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