12 Gifts for the Adventurous Hiker

12 Gifts for the Adventurous Hiker

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Buying a gift for an outdoorsy and adventurous friend can be challenging. Of course, you can always get a generic gift card for their favorite outdoor store. But, why not go the extra mile and choose a riveting gift that'll make molehills out of mountains?

With modern technology and recent inventions, hiking can be comfortable and convenient for everyone. There are so many awesome hiking accoutrements available. Hikers must only rough it or endure the rigors of the outdoors if they choose. At faveable, we're big fans of hiking. Here you'll find a backpacking checklist of the most innovative, practical, convenient and phenomenal gifts and mountain equipment for the adventurous hiker. And, if you still are looking for something to grab your eye, check out this list of use gifts for modern campers.

We've got hiking gear and survival gadgets that you don't want to be without. Whether you're looking for a quality hiking backpack, a jetboil, or a lifestraw, you will find it here. And remember, no one should ever hit the trails without a great set of hiking poles and a double check of their backpacking gear list. Get your gear together today and hit the outdoors this weekend.

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