Sleep Better Tonight! 14 Gadgets to get Your Best Night's Sleep Ever

Sleep Better Tonight! 14 Gadgets to get Your Best Night's Sleep Ever

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Some people are lucky enough to sleep through the night and arise in the morning feeling fully rested and raring to go.  But, some people dread the evening, never able to shut off completely or dealing with the aches and pains of the day.  While insomnia isn’t all that common (though completely disastrous when it does strike).  A lack of sleep is completely detrimental to everything else that happens in your life.  Sleep deprivation is so powerful that it was one of the key weapons the Stasi used to torment their prisoners in the former GDR – and to extract confessions from them (true or otherwise).  A lack of sleep is enough to send most people over the edge.

Sound dramatic?  If you’ve ever experienced those nights when sleep eludes you, then you know just what I mean.

And, it’s common enough that new technology and materials are emerging on the market to ensure that users get the best possible sleep – and every night at that.  Contoured pillows and thermo-regulating sheets are just the beginning.  There are light and sound gadgets that are aimed at increasing your melatonin production (which is the hormone that makes you sleepy and gets you there quickly).  And, there are a few products which make use of NASA technology.  It’s the stuff they use to soothe their astronauts into a slumber.  Of course, if you’re constantly worried about what’s going on in the neighborhood , there are security systems which can put your mind at rest.  And, if you’re serious about catching some zzzz’s then you really ought to check out faveable’s number 1 sleep aid.  This baby is going to change your life!

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