15 Brilliant Gifts For Men who Love a Modern Home

15 Brilliant Gifts For Men who Love a Modern Home

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Just what do you get for the guy that wants a minimalist Jetson’s look to his home? It’s frustrating to know that you can only choose very specific pieces – and very little in the way of décor items. After all, anything that clutters that space would be, well, relegated to the back of the closet, right? And, that’s the last thing you want when looking for modern interior design ideas.

But, while the modern home often embraces a sparser way of life, it’s certainly taken technology as its best friend.  Some of the best gifts for a man that loves a modern home are easily found in the new tech that’s been unleashed in the world over the past couple of years (think about a wireless alarm system complementing a gel fuel fireplace).

Of course, you can still pick up those few pieces of furniture because a modern coffee table and a modern chair offer a lot to an otherwise plain space. Just steer clear of anything kitsch when shopping for modern home decor. And, you'll want functional items such as a modern floor lamp rather than a piece designed as a decorative accessory only. Just check out some of the faveable team’s top picks, we're sure you'll fall for these modern home decor ideas.

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