11 Exercise Gadgets For The Home That Really Work

11 Exercise Gadgets For The Home That Really Work

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There's always another excuse to avoid showing up at the gym. The commute is too long, the place is way too crowded, and the monthly membership prices are eating into your beer budget.

But let's face it, modern women aren't exactly going ga-ga over man boobs and beer bellies. You want respect in today's world, from men or women, then you need to maintain your physique. And if the gym just ain't working for you, maybe it's time to stop giving yourself excuses and just change the venue...

These days it's easy and cheap to pull together all the tools you need to build a manly, muscular body in the comfort of our own home (you'll still need to get off the couch, though). So, we put our crack staff to work to find the 21 most cost-effective, easy-to-use fitness gadgets.

How about it? Avoid the frustration and hassle of the gym and feel the burn without ever stepping out the door!

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