13 Best Quotes of All Time for Men

13 Best Quotes of All Time for Men

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Quotes come a dime a dozen, and although they’re plentiful in quantity, they're not all equal in quality. Because the visual tends to trump the verbal (from our Facebook walls, to Snapchats and Tumblr pages), quotes are practically plastered over everything we see in our modern lives. Although they’re virtually everywhere, and take only simple Google search to discover, some quotes strike a chord in us that resonate with much more meaning.

The best quotes for men are those that get right to the point. Likewise, often times, the best quotes for men are the most simplistic. They get the point across, and give you one of those ah ha! moments in which a simple sentence seems to sort out all the confusion.

To guide you on your everyday journey through life, and to sort some simple truths out of the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, we’ve searched high and low to find the absolute best quotes for men. These quotes aren’t just time tested and genuine; they’re bold and straightforward, catering perfectly to modern men everywhere.

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