7 Simple Habits of Genuinely Happy Men

7 Simple Habits of Genuinely Happy Men

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We’re told a lot of things about happiness growing up. We’re told it’s a choice. We’re told it’s in our own hands. And with media and marketing thrown into the mix we’re even told (perhaps subconsciously) that it’s something we can obtain from an object or service.

As we grow up, we realize happiness is more of a habit - a way of life per se. Some people seem to radiate it, while other seem to have forgotten what it looks like. What makes one person happy and the other not so, isn’t a trick or a certain skill set. Rather, it’s a lifestyle. A set of choices and ways of thinking that breeds the mythical happy-person lifestyle we all seek.

The good thing about this (ahem, and what a happy person would say) is that happiness is something we can start to achieve at anytime by adopting a few habits. Even better, these habits are so simple, you’ll soon forget you’re practicing a new habit, and instead experience happiness without even trying. To get you started, scroll through this list of the top seven habits of highly happy men.

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