21 Don Draper Quotes Every Entrepreneur Needs To Read

21 Don Draper Quotes Every Entrepreneur Needs To Read

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Don Draper, the infamous protagonist of Mad Men admired by men and women alike, seems to have the secret sauce of business ingrained in his soul. Although there’s no doubt the character is charming and good looking – both which never hurt in life or business – Don Draper plays the game of the business world from an entirely new angle.

He's not technically an entrepreneur, yet his business demeanor is unique (to say the least).  And his business tactics are so novel they’re simply impressive, if not inspirational to observe. He’s idealistic, witty, and not afraid to take chances, turn the tables, or toss out old ideas for new ones on the spot. He has the same drive and roundabout ways of working that we see in modern entrepreneur every single day.

No matter what industry you find yourself in, and despite the fact that the show is set in a time period nearly half a century ago, there’s more than a thing or two you can learn from this fictional character when it comes to working in the modern day business world. So sit back and relax, perhaps pour yourself a drink, and let these classic Don Draper lines sink right in. 

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