Cool Patio Gadgets That Make Summer That Much Sweeter

Cool Patio Gadgets That Make Summer That Much Sweeter

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There’s something about entertaining at home, isn’t there?  It’s a brilliant mix of showing off (just a bit) and working to ensure everyone’s comfortable; and it wonderfully combines going out with your friends with staying home to enjoy all the comforts you’ve created for yourself.

And, although you can (and should) have the guys around to watch some football in the frozen wasteland called winter, there’s nothing like entertaining in your backyard while the weather’s warm enough to do it. You just need some patio ideas to transform your yard into the (anti mosquito) wonderland it should be. Just imagine threading meat on to your new skewers and grilling them over your portable firepit.  

All you need to complete that picture are a couple of Japanese lanterns or outdoor lanterns and you're set. Well, not quite, you might need to take a look at these clever patio gadgets.

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