9 Funny Quotes to Get You Through Hump Day

9 Funny Quotes to Get You Through Hump Day

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Oh Wednesdays, the halfway point of the week that brings on those all to familiar, yet conflicting feelings of joy and despair. Sure, you’ve made it halfway through the week by midday, but you still have a few hours and two more full long days to go.

Over the last few years, Wednesday has been rebranded in the world of Internet humor as Hump Day. Funny Name? Yes. Sexual implication? Nope. Regardless, we can all relate to ‘Hump Day Wednesdays’ as it seems to be the general consensus that come this midweek point, we all could use a pick me up. 

Instead of dread the middle of the week, let humor be your motivation, and remind you you’re not alone. Here to brighten up your Wednesday are nine comical memes and saying that are sure to reflect how you feel, and reinforce you’ll make it through this Hump Day like all the others.  

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