European Shaving Brands that American Men Need to Know

European Shaving Brands that American Men Need to Know

The traditional wet shave isn’t just for your grandfather any longer.  These days, the young and hip are manscaping their faces with good ol’ fashioned shaving soap that’s been richly lathered in a bowl.  Precision razors are all the rage - and these days American men are learning an almost-forgotten art form. 

And, there’s nothing like a traditional wet shave. It’s just so manly; like sipping whiskey by the fire you just made. Except, this kind of masculinity is meant for the start of your day.  And, if the recent increase in barber school enrollments means anything, this trend isn’t about to slip away. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried traditional wet shaving before.  Every man has to start somewhere. Mark Herro is a YouTube wet shaving star that only got into the art when his wife bought him a professional barber shave as an anniversary gift.  Once was all it took to get him hooked.  Flash forward a few years, Mr Herro is an expert.

Now, there are plenty of new American shaving brands that are beginning to garner support. But, when you want to get the heart of male grooming, you’ve got to cross the Atlantic for your shaving routine.  It’s got all the history and tradition that goes with high-end men’s grooming.  Fortunately, all these products are available in the United States. No travel required.  

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