Why people love it
  • Hair looks cleaner and healthier after one use
  • Doesn't leave behind an oily residue
  • Makes hair shinier and easier to manage

All-natural, sulfate and paraben-free shampoo that is reasonably priced. Plus, it smells AMAZING and makes your hair feel magically soft.

This shampoo can dry out your hair, so not recommended for those with dandruff 


Who's it for? This shampoo is marketed to both men and women with all hair types. However, not recommended for those with dandruff. 

Note: This is NOT Organic, despite what the Amazon description says. It is all natural, but not USDA-certified organic!

Texture and fragrance: The product has a fragrance that can be described as either like "vanilla and honey" or "rose-y" (men can smell pretty too!), but it's so subtle you can hardly smell it. Because it works for both men and women, and doesn’t have much of a fragrance, you can expect your girlfriend or wife to use it without telling you. We suggest sharing - or hiding it if you’re no good at the sharing thing. 

Ingredients: This baby is pumped full of everything good for your hair and doesn’t have anything you don’t want. And, when we say full, we mean it. All of the ingredients are 100% natural and fair trade - including the Moroccan and Jojoba oil, which are the two active ingredients. As the Moroccan oil conditions, the Jojoba oil soothes the scalp and promotes hair growth. So, for those of you with some thinning up on top, this product is perfect for you.

Price: At $14.95 for 16 ounces, this shampoo is one of the pricier ones on our list. But considering the A-list ingredients, you can justify paying the extra amount, and you won't be disappointed in the results. This product also comes with a reliable guarantee, so you know they’re serious. 

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