If you love to run at night, this is the sports band for you!

  • Sweat and moisture resistant
  • Fits devices and cases up to 6 inches
  • Machine washable; air dry

It's built to sit comfortably on your arm and hold your phone, but there are six LED lights integrated as well. You'll even have space for a credit card, ID, and your keys on this armband!

What Reviewers Say:

  • I've had a couple of these armband cases and would love to know in what world one needs only one key for their home, as most armbands provide this slim tiny slot for a single key. Well, in NYC I need 3 keys to get into my house. This armband fits my Samsung S5, house keys, and then some. It is sweat proof and the plastic is touch sensitive. Good purchase.
  • The phone's touch screen works through the clear plastic. Menu and Back are hard to press because they're near the edge of the phone, a matter of geometry (the raised lip of the case and edge of the case make a tight corner).
  • I used my Armpocket during training and running of my first marathon. It was perfect to carry my phone, keys, ID and cash!!!

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