This product uses baking soda (A&H's primary product) as the main deodorizing ingredient, helping to block off odors and provides natural protection for your pits.

  • Made without aluminum or parabens
  • Contains orange oil and other botanicals
  • Faint, unobtrusive scent

If you want to go the route of unscented deodorants, it doesn't get better than Arm & Hammer.  It's 100% aluminum and paraben-free.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Its supposed to be unscented, but does have a very slight scent to it. I'm pretty sure its the orange oil in it or one of the other botanicals. Its a very faint and unobtrusive scent. At any rate, I love it. I can wear it for an entire day and it doesn't give out completely. Towards the end of the day my armpits might smell a little "sweaty" but they certainly don't stink and its something you have to be right up at them to smell.
  • It goes on smooth and has not stained any of my clothing as aluminum based gel deodorants have. I have had no reaction issues such as a rash or burning sensation. Overall I am quite pleased as this is much more cost effective than some of the other "natural" deodorants I've tried.
  • I will only use this stuff from now on, way better than any other brand out there, very faint but appealing smell at first, kinda like citrus but fades after you apply. It's a clear type solid that goes on super smooth and not at all messy or any residue.

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